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The Burning Room by Michael Connelly (Review #2)

The Burning Room

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

This is a MUST read for any suspense or crime reader.

Almost ready for retirement, Harry Bosch, a good detective, is given a new rookie partner, Lucia Soto, who has good credentials but no experience at the level Bosch has. As it turns out Soto has a very good mind and proves it with her actions and follow through. She learned fast and became a huge help to Bosch in solving a cold case that no one else even came close to finding the culprits. But this cold case led Lucia to a bad killer of a fire in a children’s home in which she had been in at the earlier time. That fire had killed many children and Soto wanted vengeance to the killers involved.

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

The Burning Room

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Harry Bosch, Detective Supreme, gets teamed up with a new partner who though a young woman has already been touted as being a true up and coming police officer. Harry finds out early on that his new partner has been commended for coming to the aid of a previous partner by using her weapon quickly and correctly in Harry’s eyes.

In true Connelly fashion the author has constructed a really great story about how these two cops work together on solving not one but two unsolved crimes from years past. They were given one to work that involved a shooting some twenty years ago but as good detectives they also along the way begin solving another old one.

Harry finds out early on that his new partner was very involved in one of the old crimes but not in the way you would think. She was actually a victim of sorts in a fire that took place in a building that housed the day care center that she attended as a very young girl.

The Burning Edge by Rick Mofina

The Burning EdgeReviewed by Patricia Reid

“Jennifer, I love you.” No, this is not a love story. These four words are the last words spoken by a young FBI agent as he lay dying next to Lisa Palmer, recently widowed, single mother. At the request of the agent, Lisa had tried to reach his gun so that he would have a chance at the robbers but the gun slipped and attracted the attention of one of the robbers who immediately shot the FBI agent and held a gun to Lisa’s head. Lisa escaped death but didn’t escape the terror of living through the robbery and the fear that the robbers would somehow find her.

Although Lisa has two small children to protect, she does agree to do everything she can to cooperate with the FBI in their search for the criminals. For FBI agent Frank Morrow this case is extremely important. Morrow is facing his own death sentence and is determined to conclude the case and allow him time to spend with is family before his health problems take their final toll.

Jack Gannon, a reporter for World Press Alliance, is given the assignment and pressured to land an exclusive. Gannon’s current boss, Dolf Lisker, is nothing like Melody Lane, his former boss, who has taken a one-year leave of absence. Lisker had never worked the streets or followed a lead and had no patience whatsoever. Lisker demanded immediate results and had no patience with Gannon who had an anonymous tipster he was attempting to catch up with and obtain further information about the robbery and its purpose. Gannon feels that the robbery had been carried out by well-trained men and the purpose of the robbery was more than just a chance to grab some fast money.

The Burning Lake by Brent Ghelfi

The Burning LakeReviewed by Patricia Reid

When Alexei Volkovoy, a Russian agent, learns of the death of Katarina Mironova, he is horrified. Katarina was a prominent journalist known as Kato and Volk has close ties to Kato. The two had an intense personal relationship that they had managed to keep very private. Kato had trusted Volk with information that she needed to pass on. Volk immediately begins to plan how to avenge her death.

Volk manages to get his patron, The General, to give him an assignment that will allow him to move freely and conduct his own investigation into Kato’s death. Kato was shot on the banks of Russia’s Techa River near the radioactive village of Metlino. Kato had made friends in the area and as Volk makes inquiries, he is shocked at the condition of the people living in the area. Volk is convinced that Kato’s was killed in order to cover up a story.

Volk’s determination to find Kato’s killers and reveal the story she wanted to tell takes him from Russia to the United States where in the company of Grayson Stone he begins to uncover secrets that puts his life at risk and ends his personal relationship with Valya, his long-time lover.

The Burning Wire by Jeffrey Deaver

The Burning Wire by Jeffrey DeaverReviewed by Allen Hott

Lincoln Rhyme, the hero of The Burning Wire, is a quadriplegic that is noted worldwide as a forensic criminologist. He basically works out of his home/lab and is assisted by Thom (his caretaker), Amelia Sachs (a NYPD detective and his live-in girlfriend), and in this book by Ron Pulaski another detective who is in training.

As hard as some of the happenings seem to be to believe in today’s world it is all entirely possible. He is able to converse by phone and computer and uses the detectives as his eyes in the field. They have been trained by him to go over a crime scene thoroughly picking up every “trace” that is on site.

Most of the story takes place in New York City where something is causing problems with the major provider of electricity to not only the city but much of the northeastern United States. Not only has the interruption occurred but because of it one man died and others were injured. The “accident” involved a cable that was sticking out of one of the substations. As a transit bus pulled up to pick up passengers a tremendous arc popped and not only killed the one boarding passenger but it also burned the bus pretty severely and injured some of the occupants.

A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath

A Burning in the Darkness

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A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

A Burning in the DarknessA P McGrath successfully unites the most important elements of civilization between the covers of A Burning in the Darkness. The pages of the book offer a tasteful blend of crime and romance under the seal of Catholic faith.

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At a large international airport, a small confessional room is filled with secrets. Father Michael Kieh, who is responsible with hearing these burdens and offering forgiveness when it is due, finds himself lured into an intricate web of conspiracy. The spiders forming the web are important men of the society and their victims are whoever endangers their status or brilliant future. Ruthless predators, they hunt under the cover of law and bureaucracy, using the system to their own advantage.

Basically, two institutions – the church and the justice system – test their influence over one another and people. Each offers a certain set of tools which can serve the purpose given by the one who wealds these. Father Kieh becomes the keeper of some critical information, but due to the fact that it was obtained via confession, he is forced to test the limits of church regulation and his own morality.

Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, No. 5) by Lee Child

Echo Burning

Reviewed by Allen Hott

An earlier Jack Reacher story that somehow I missed. However there is no doubt that it is of the same quality as today’s Reacher tales. Lee Child has built this former military policeman into a definite force to be reckoned with by all whom cross his path.

And one of the best things about Reacher is that his path is never ending as it meanders all over the United States. He does seem to stay pretty much below the Mason Dixon line but who knows where he may end up in the near future.

Echo is a small town in south Texas and as Reacher hitchhikes along (his normal mode of travel) he is picked up by a woman named Carmen who appears to be of Mexican descent. During their long drive she begins to pour out her sad story regarding her home life. Reacher as usual listens intently and tries to figure out if she is telling the truth or not.

The Garden of Burning Sand by Corban Addison

The Garden of Burning Sand

Reviewed by Book Bug

It’s almost midnight in Lusaka, Africa. A young girl wanders off from absent babysitters.
She skitters to a dark and quiet alleyway. She is then kidnapped by an unknown assailant.
Taken to an unknown location where she is raped. She is dropped off in a dark and unfamiliar neighborhood where she is found and the proper authorities are alerted.

Kuyeya is examined by a doctor. She has been assaulted in the worst possible way. She also has down syndrome.

Then Zoe Fleming comes in…Zoe is an American lawyer that has made her home in Africa.

Seahawk Burning by Randall Peffer

Seahawk Burning Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

A good Civil War naval story as the ships from the north try to track confederate ships, both trying to destroy the other and all ships they find while searching. The locales stretch from the United States coast, inland waters, South America, Africa, Europe, and points in between. You have to remember in those days there was no way to search for a ship except by word of mouth or accidentally finding that ship while transcending the globe. Also in those days the sailors, as well as their captain, were very rough and crude men that were very likely to kill captured crews from ships, burn the ships after looting all the goods aboard, and turn the few of the captured crew members over to the first possible place on land or sea.

Raphael Semmes was captain of the confederate ship, The USS Alabama. The Alabama was a strong and powerful ship. Semmes would take no quarter from any opposing ship and would kill and/or destroy almost any other ship along with its crew just to get a “worse” reputation. Seahawk Burning takes you mostly by sea to many areas of the earth to fight others, get provisions, have ship repairs made, unload crew members who’s time was up and find new crew members, while making those stops. Most of all the ships officers and crews in those days were not very healthy, some from not eating correctly, drinking far too much alcohol, associating with wild women that gave them more than they bargained for, and of course the normal sailors brawls.