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    Nancy Eaton

    I am the owner and Managing Editor of Bestsellersworld.com.  I retired from the local Board of Education after working in the area of Personnel for 35 years. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from The College of New Jersey.

    I started the websites as a hobby. I always loved to read mystery books. As the sites continued to grow, my “hobby” became a full time job. It is very interesting to be able to help authors by doing interviews with them and publicizing reviews of their books on my websites. I have found authors to be very personable.

    As You can see, this “hobby” has kept me very busy but it is something that I really enjoy and will continue to do.

    Douglas R. Cobb

    Douglas R. Cobb was born in Illinois and attended the University of Illinois, earning a BA in Rhetoric. Then, at Arizona State University, Douglas earned a Master’s in English, and at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, he earned a Master’s in Secondary Education. Little Rock is where he met his wife, Beth. He now lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which features prominently in his novel Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of Summer, Book Two of his The Case Files of Lily and PAWS series. Book One is titled Lily, Unleashed. Douglas and Beth have a twenty-two-year old son, Ben (Dexter Quince in the series), and a seventeen-year-old daughter, Kaitlin (Celeste in the series). He has always had a love for writing, but was finally motivated to write Lily, Unleashed, by his daughter’s prompting him to write about her “dog,” Lily, who is featured on the covers of the series. Besides Douglas desiring his readers to have fun reading his novels (that’s the most important thing about reading any book), he also hopes he has created a heartwarming series that readers will fall in love with, as well as LOL at. Enjoy life, enjoy reading, write yourself, and believe in yourself: these are some of the things that Douglas believes are important for everyone! To learn more about the books Lily, Unleashed and Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of Summer, please visit Douglas Cobb’s blog, “What’s New In Book Reviews,” Click Here

    Lily, Unleashed presents a bold and stunning vision of an alternative world where animals run the show. Though aimed at kids, Douglas Cobb’s groundbreaking debut effort is sure to resonate with adults as well, telling its tale through the eyes of our furry friends who seem more human than most people. Cobb picks up where Richard Adams left off in his brilliant Watership Down, and the result is nothing short of a stellar storytelling with heart and soul.

    Russell Ilg

    I am a book collector with over 3000 signed 1st and limiteds in my collection. I have written reviews for a number of authors i.e. stephen white, Jon Land, John Lescroart, Blake Crouch and many others and I enjoy attending mystery conventions each year. Books are my passion. I usually read 3-4 a week. I love to write reviews and am always honest and tell it like it is hoping to help someone to buy or in some cases not buy a book though that is very rare.

    Chris Phillips

    I am a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of my employment positions. I make books out of my friends’ writing as well as help them to smooth out what they say, how they say it and hopefully get the best expressions. I have been doing this for 20+ years. I often find myself reading a book and correcting problems I see even after the works have been published from big name publishers. I enjoy writing to the authors of books when possible and discussing problems I’ve seen in the reading of their work. But then there is always the chance for great intelligent conversation whenever creative minds get together. I follow the guidelines given to me but do most of this just because I know what is wrong or should be corrected.

    Teri Davis

    Books and music, music and books, that is who I am. Besides Best Sellers’ World, I also review local musical events for our local newspaper and truly enjoy jazz and the blues. I am possibly going to retire from being an elementary teacher this spring and spend more of my time as an organist/church musician and being a grandma.

    After raising four boys and three dogs, I am happily enjoying an empty nest. (Dogs are much easier to raise than boys.) One son is considering returning to the nest and I am not thrilled about this but his father is delighted. He knows that it must be very temporary and we are currently defining that term. We just became grandparents for the second and third time with twins being born on December 20th, a boy and a girl. The little girl, unfortunately, looks like my clone, complete with the red-hair and super-white skin. (I expect freckles by summer.)

    I read all the time with no preference for genres. I don’t enjoy predictable stories so I tend to shy away from romance.

    Kemin McCutchen

    Kemin McCutchen has a degree in English with a concentration in literary criticism. She has worked as a literary editor, writing coach, and college English instructor for 20 years. She is an avid reader, reading up to five books a week. She loves reading new authors and old authors writing new things, and loves finding those hidden literary treasures that are hiding behind some plain book cover.

    Dianne Woodman

    Dianne fell passionately in love with reading at an early age. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and she homeschooled her four adult children, who are avid readers, from kindergarten through high school. Music is also an important part of her life. She performed in a church musical in Europe and co-directed a children’s choir.

    Dianne’s love of reading led to a desire to review books and write stories. She pursued this endeavor and has written book reviews for all ages and multiple genres for many years. She is currently working on contemporary and mystery stories for middle schoolers, high school students, and adults. She also plans to write a biography about her mother.

    In Dianne’s spare time, she enjoys zoom sessions with her adult children, singing, latch hooking, spending time with her animals, going on hikes, and exploring the United States with her husband in their motorhome.

    Lisa Brown-Gilbert

    Aside from being an avid reader, I am an avid book reviewer. I love sharing my experiences and opinions when it comes to a book I have read. I have a great deal of experience as a book reviewer. My reviews can be found on several retail sites especially Amazon, as well as other online book review companies. I am committed to giving honest, timely interesting book reviews that have substance to them, not fluff. My reviews can be found under my pen names as well, Mochalove or Mrs.bookfreak.

    Suzanne Odom

    I am a 46 year old academic librarian looking to start writing for publication. I’ve read several articles and blogs and many have suggested writing book reviews as a great place to start. I love to read and have been an avid reader since I was 5 years old, devouring any book I could get my hands on. I have my favorite authors, Mary Higgins Clark, Heather Graham, Wendi Corsi Staub, and James Patterson, but am open to all genres and all authors. I am married and we have one child, a boy, who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He’s opened my eyes to learning about other medical disorders besides ASD. I also have 2 cats and would love more.

    Timea Barabas

    I am a PhD student at the department of Sociology, with a background in psychology, and a full-time reader. As a researcher, I explore the human condition in oppressive regimes, with a focus on agency and self-expression. When it comes to literature (and movies), above all, I am drawn to dystopias or anything that concerns the human nature, especially under restrictive and challenging conditions. To balance things out, the playfulness of art is also something that equally impresses me. I believe that the most important thing with a book (or art in general) is to move, to provoke an emotional and/or intellectual reaction (a masterpiece does both). Most importantly, I am always looking for an immersive experience, to be part of the world penned out by the author.

    Lily Andrews

    My name is Lily and I have always loved reading fictional and non-fictional stories since I was young. Reading has always been a way to pass time for me and I have realized over the years that each book has something to learn from. My favorite genre is fictional stories but I can read pretty much every genre. Any leisure time I get, reading a good book will do for me!

    Daniel Ryan Johnson

    My whole story is far too complex to fit into a short bio, but I will do my best to hit upon some of the highlights. Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1987, I had a relatively “normal” childhood. Grew up in a “bad” neighborhood, that became a “good” neighborhood by the time I left home for college. Didn’t travel much as a kid aside from a train trip down to Disneyland when I was 8 and a solo trip to Chicago for the National Student Leadership Conference for the Arts when I was 17. At 18 I moved across the country via train to Boston with my then girlfriend. At 19 we took that same train to move back to Washington. Attended a total of four colleges but still managed to get my Bachelor’s Degree in the standard 4 years. Took a three week trip to Europe when I was 21 that ended up leaving a big mark. Have worked in over 20 different jobs, sometimes working as many as 4 jobs at one time to save up to travel. In 2016 I self-published my first book on Amazon. A couple of months later I took off on what was supposed to be a trip around the world. Almost 4 years later I still haven’t made in past my starting continent of Europe. In 2018 I bought a hostel in Bucharest, Romania that I had volunteered at earlier in the year when I heard that the owner was looking to sell. I turned a failing business into a successful one, that is, until the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to close the doors forever. Now I am living with my girlfriend and our two cats in Bucharest, and looking for a job so that I can get my residency permit extended in December. Meanwhile, I am working on my second novel, hoping to go the traditional publishing route with this one, and making whatever money I can with other small writing jobs, and reading all the books that my girlfriend owns in English.

    Rahul Gaur

    I am an avid book reader and experienced professional journalist and content editor with nearly 10 years of experience in the tech, science, and health niches. I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the book review scene as a freelance reviewer and a manager leading a team of writers, designers, and SEO experts. My specialty is in news, editorials, and opinion pieces.

    Ephantus Gold

    My name is Ephantus Gold and I am an avid book reader who would like give back to the authors in the best way possible which I believe is by reviewing their books and giving honest and deserving feedback to both new and experienced authors. As an author myself, I believe that writing and reading is therapeutic to authors and readers as well. I do believe that something very remarkable can happen when you come across a good book.

    Michaela Gordoni

    I have a bachelor’s degree in international relations and an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. I prefer to spend my time reading and writing.

    I have written over 100 published book reviews. To see some of them, please look at my portfolio on writingworker.wordpress.com. 

    Reyan Mishra

    A nocturnal writer since his first newspaper column, Reyan enjoys penning down ideas from intelligent to idiotic. He has written on a variety of topics including technology, space, business, and entertainment. His studies on Industry 4.0 have been published by Penguin. In addition, many of his fictional pieces have also found a place in local books and magazines. He enjoys reading books of all kinds having read over 85 books to completion. When he is not reading, he is either on a long drive, learning science, or pondering a new business idea.

    Jacquelyn Tolksdorf

    Jacquelyn; a dedicated reviewer and avid reader – brings a unique perspective to her critiques through her rich background in graphic design and anthropology. Her reviews are characterized by a keen eye for visual storytelling and an in-depth understanding of cultural contexts, making her insights both visually stimulating and intellectually engaging. Jacquelyn’s ability to dissect the intricate layers of narrative structures and character development is enhanced by her anthropological knowledge, allowing her to explore themes of identity, society, and human behavior with nuanced appreciation. 
    Her graphic design expertise further enriches her reviews, as she pays meticulous attention to the aesthetic elements of book covers, illustrations, and layout. Jacquelyn often highlights how visual elements complement and enhance the written word, offering readers a holistic view of the book’s artistry. Her reviews are not only thorough and well-researched but also vibrant and compelling, making them a favorite among readers who seek a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the books they read.

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