The Destination Birth

The Destination Birth…A Brief Synopsis

Everyone has their own unique birth story. It is a pivotal moment in life that changes the course of a family’s future. For Alex and Lauren, their own birth story would begin a grand adventure that would present its own twist of fate thousands of miles from home.

The Destination Birth is more than just a heartwarming and inspiring story, it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will leave you reaching for the tissues one moment and belly laughing the next. But through all the tears and humor, you’ll be reminded of the incredible resilience of the human spirit, the power of family, and the unbreakable bond between a parent and child.

So buckle up, get ready for a wild ride, and join us on this unforgettable journey of hope and determination as a young couple navigates the trials and tribulations of childbirth, love, and family. This story will leave readers moved, inspired, and reminded of the extraordinary strength we can all find within ourselves when faced with adversity.

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Saint Bloodbath

Saint Bloodbath…A Brief Synopsis

Two detectives take on a gruesome homicide case in Long Beach, California, and navigate the complex role of being the murder police in an area marked by homelessness, drug abuse, and gang violence. With little but their combined decades of detective experience to go off of, they investigate personal and gang-related motives in an attempt to identify and arrest their suspect. When a severed hand is found in the desert close to 100 miles away, their years-long investigation crosses jurisdictions, and they must connect the dots before the bloodbath continues.

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The Moon That Fell from Heaven

The Moon That Fell from Heaven…A Brief Synopsis

Ehli-nikkalu, eldest daughter of the Hittite emperor, is married to a mere vassal of her father. But despite her status, her “foreignness” and her inability to produce an heir drive a wedge between her and the court that surrounds her. Her secretary is mysteriously murdered while carrying the emperor a message that would indict the loyalty of his vassal, and she adopts the dead man’s orphaned children out of a guilty sense of responsibility.

When a young cousin she has never met becomes a pretender to the throne and mobilizes roving armies of the poor and dispossessed, the priority of her loyalties becomes even more suspect. Then she discovers a terrible secret that could destabilize the present regime if the pretender ever learns of it.

With the help of a kindly scribe, her brave young ward, and an embittered former soldier trapped in debt and self-doubt, she sets out to save the kingdom and prove herself to her father… and along the way, learn something about love.

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The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters (Book 2 of The Pulse)…A Brief Synopsis


It shorted every wire and circuit, lit the world on fire, killed millions, and rang the Death Knell for civilization.

In Tampa when The Pulse hit, disgraced Occupational Health and Safety legend Big Jack Broderick survived a plane crash and vowed to find his estranged family who were on their way to his father-in-law’s farm in Washington State.

DAY FOUR: It was supposed to be a quick rest stop, but it turned into 72 hours of violence, mayhem, injuries, and betrayal.

Physically and emotionally shattered, Jack is faced with an overwhelming enemy, and must choose between protecting innocents from this threat, or staying safe for his family’s sake.

Brimming with tight yet gripping prose, Owen Garratt has written a stellar sophomore novel. The Three Sisters delivers impeccable pacing, intense characters, and authentic nail-biting action that keeps the pages turning!

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Kahuna - Tampa Bay

The Kahuna: Vol. 1 – Tampa Bay…A Brief Synopsis

Vox Montague is no stranger to waking up hungover and naked. As the Kahuna of Tampa Bay, he juggles his role as a supernatural peacekeeper with drunken strip club shenanigans, money woes, and a relationship with his witch-babe of a girlfriend that requires even more patching than the pipes he works on at his plumbing company.

When an ancient evil resurfaces, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Vox’s new powers are wonky, his emotions are on edge, and his Kahuna Council bosses are breathing down his neck. As the stakes ratchet up, can this impetuous magic-wielder conquer his inner demons so that he can protect Earth from the murderous, real-life ones?

With spectacular world-building, delicious raunch, and LMAO humor, if you like in-your-face action, epic quests, and flawed heroes, then you’ll love Brent A. Phillips’s tyrannosaurus-size urban fantasy.

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The Grave Listeners

The Grave Listeners…A Brief Synopsis

A tale maudit set in a time when medicine was part superstition and partly an appeal to ancient authorities, and the prospect of being buried alive was frightfully more common. In that horrible situation, your only hope was that a Grave Listener sitting at your grave would be there to hear your cries for help.

In an old, poor village, on a cemetery on a hill, a loutish Grave Listener, an impish five-year-old boy and his little stuffed Bunny are up against a strange plague, a soigné stranger, and a frightened, vengeful village. It will be a depraved little journey, with all its Witchcraft, savagery and comedies of human nature, that tumbles to a towering end.

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A Friend of King Neptune

A Friend of King Neptune…A Brief Synopsis #2

1991 ST LOUIS — Leo Kraszewski aka Dingus has come to visit his old army pal, Francis Lenihan, now a busy process server. It’s been 18 years but Dingus is still the same—impulsive, foolish, quick with a wisecrack, uncouth yet worldly.

Dingus leans on Francis to accompany him to Southern Illinois, the town of Bunting, where spoils from World War II—the Speer Collection—may lie hidden in a peculiar private museum. Francis declines and soon, after causing trouble in Francis’ ribald world, Dingus finds himself hitchhiking in the Illinois cornfields—an odyssey which has him nearly sucked into a tornado, having to deal with a suicidal Indian, a malevolent sheriff’s deputy, and a crew of wastrels who inhabit an old general store.

The story has legs as Dingus aka Hercules is given a task by Anselm, the museum’s curator and a stand-in for King Eurystheus of yore, to retrieve a stolen historical artifact. Dingus does Anselm’s bidding, at a dear price, and of course it’s never enough. Meanwhile Dingus’ court date for cannabis distribution looms. Will Francis wrangle a lawyer for his penniless friend? Will Dingus sort through various confusing clues and get his mitts on the treasure? And more importantly, when will he stop itching?

An eclectic cast of characters join in—a high school detective, the next Nancy Drew; a raffish voodooist; a scholarly recluse whose solitude is rudely interrupted, a bawdy masseuse, an angry rapper and his entourage, and the beer-soaked regulars at Murphy’s Tavern in Dogtown St. Louis. The usual suspects in an unusual story.

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Deadly Droppings/Humble Pie

Deadly Droppings/Humble Pie…A Brief Synopsis

Deadly Droppings

Max Morgan, private detective, takes on what he mistakenly thinks is  a missing juvenile delinquent case that turns out to instead involve a missing hero named Homer Crowe. Unfortunately, however, Home is conscripted into a Paul Reverends militia and — under the influence — is sent on a mission to bombard the Arkansas State Capitol. Thanks to an intercepted message, Max takes matters in hand  and possibly saves dozens of lives.


Humble Pie

Max Morgan, a private detective, is confronted by what appears to be a plot to murder a local cattle baron. Suspect numero uno is the baron’s socially ambitious wife who aspires to be recognized by the Queen of England as the Virgin Baroness of Bridgewater Abbey. Her stepdaughter and/or the son of a longtime rival appear to be cooking up a comeuppance in the mode of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. But Max sticks a thumb into a meat pie, so to speak, and pulls out a plum, also so to speak.


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We Are All Made of Scars

We are All Made of Scars…A Brief Synopsis

What is “normal” anyway?

As Chris’s home life deteriorates and he descends into an abyss, he’s showing up for high school finals so high he can’t even remember his locker combination. While other kids are having Thanksgiving dinner, Chris is chasing his drunk mom down the sidewalk of a strip mall, trying to take her to rehab. He’s winning a cruise to the Bahamas, drinking and pretending to be in his twenties to hook up with someone much older. Bad decisions and misadventures abound when Chris tries his best to be “normal” having no idea how.

Set in the mid-90s outside of Chicago, this riveting memoir—by turns heartbreaking and uplifting—chronicles how a family broken by alcoholism creates an uncertain world for Chris as he stumbles through suburbia, trying to find a way out. Both a cautionary tale and coming-of-age story, “We Are All Made of Scars” is also a rarely seen glimpse into the world of addiction from a teenage boy’s perspective.

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Far Out

Far Out…A Brief Synopsis

Hollywood movie star Goldie Saint Helen comes out of a coma after a car accident with an altered identity. She now believes she is a hippie detective living in the sixties, hired to find a missing teenage girl who is about to end up a guinea pig in a CIA drug experiment.

Goldie also thinks screenwriter Blake Deco, her husband, is an intern at her detective agency. For the time being, Blake plays along as advised by the hospital until she recovers her memory.

However, sinister plotters think it is better that Goldie does not wake up from her fantasy -and they have their reasons.

The couple finds themselves embroiled in a dangerous situation. Blake must use his part military skills as he races against the clock to save his wife before she loses her mind forever.

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