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A Few of Our Testimonials

“I have used this great author service for all my books and once more I have received a professional comprehensive review of “The Little Breadwinner,” my seventh published book. But I must say that the “personal” communication afforded to me by Nancy Eaton has been delightful. I will not hesitate to use this service again with my next book in the making: “Weeping Goes Unheard.” Missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in North America.”

The service at Bestsellersworld is outstanding. Nancy’s work ethic is nothing short of amazing. I am very grateful for her sense of urgency and professionalism. I submitted my book for a review and she advised me that it would take a few weeks, but what I like the most is the fact that she emailed me accordingly and kept me in the loop from start to finish. I will use their services again, and I strongly recommend Bestsellersworld.”

“BESTSELLERSWORLD makes for the perfect recipe for all of us promotional-starved authors. This cutting edge site is as erudite as it is prestigious. My own experience, going back several books now, shows BESTSELLERWORLD to be a great means of getting the word out to a book-hungry public, and I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and professionalism of the site administrators and reviewers who are second to none in their sensitivity and thoughtfulness. With Sunday newspaper book sections rapidly becoming a thing of the best, BESTSELLERSWORLD is poised to pick up at least a portion of the mantel for the future.”

I was extremely impressed with Best Sellers World. Nancy Eaton answered all of my questions quickly and professionally, and Suzanne Odom’s review and interview were excellent.

I recently researched alternative review options after reading of the declining quality of traditional reviewing sources. Someone suggested www.bestsellersworld.com. I am delighted that I listened. Nancy was prompt in responding to my inquiry, professional in making arrangements, answering my questions and in follow up. Teri was quick in completing the review, but more importantly I greatly appreciated her comments and perspective.

Bestsellers World delivered the review promptly and before the date promised. Communication was excellent. The reviewers have an excellent ability to boil down the essence of a book, a la reviewers at *Publishers Weekly*, *Kirkus Reviews* and other top industry players. Highly recommended to all.”

Fast and easy service, great communication, and a lovely and thoughtful review, “Bestsellersworld” is definitely the place to go. They handled my book with care and were patient with its odd narrative and my strange requests. Exceptional work!

An absolutely satisfying experience. I’ve now dealt with review sites, both as an independent and as an author at one of the “Big Five” publishers, and I can honestly say that Nancy Eaton and Bestsellersworld.com have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Professional, responsive, painless—and FAST. Try finding that somewhere else.

BestSellersworld provided me with a book review that was thorough, fast and a true representation of my book.  I highly recommended this company to authors looking for professional reviewers.

As a newly self published author exposing your work to the public can be a scary proposition but to open it up to reviews is just down right horrific so when I researched BESTSELLERSWORLD I was quite nervous. There was no reason to be, I quickly found out as Nancy Eaton and BESTSELLERSWORLD professionalism, compassion for the craft and overall joy for helping others made it the most pleasurable experience. I was extremely impressed not only with how prompt, professional and caring Nancy was but also how informative and detailed Timea’s review was. It gave me goosebumps when I read it. I would not hesitate to recommend these services and in fact will be using them again for my next book! I can’t wait to see how it effects my book’s sales. Thank you Nancy and Timea for making this process such a wonderful experience. Truly grateful.

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