The Adventures of Rubi Pi

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls, The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls, and An Introduction to Higher Math by Tom Durwood

Books Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls

Teacher and author Tom Durwood presents a refreshing dive into mathematics theories as well as history with his work in The Adventures of Ruby Pi and The Geometry Girls. This book is one of a calculated adventure series for young adults and is especially aimed at young adult females, fueled with the intention of re-sparking an interest in math as well as other STEM (Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. Purchase Here.

What captures the interest about this book, is the effort to focus on the application of mathematics in everyday life. The stories focus on a variety of scenarios which include a knowledgeable mix of history, mystery, math, science, and engineering.

In addition, the use of highly intelligent female lead characters, coming from a variety of cultures, circumstances, and time periods, maintains the interest as they utilize their knowledge and skills in intensely proficient manners to solve mysteries, confront enemies, and overcome obstacles.

Initializing this adventurous collection is the first of five stories, Ruby Pi and the Mystery of the old Carthusians. Within this story, readers are introduced to Rupashana Lal Pyradhakrishnan, an intelligent engineering student.  Her nickname Ruby Pi comes from a Ruby necklace that she always wears. The story takes place in Victorian London, where Ruby and her firm win the bid to be involved in the rehabilitation of a school’s cathedral. Meanwhile and unfortunately, Ruby does encounter some racism, because she is Hindu and female. However, Ruby overcomes much of the friction she experiences by being her naturally gifted self by using her mathematical prowess to solve a surprising mystery, that arises, thus gaining the respect of others who doubted her skills. In this story applied mathematics is featured to rebuild the cathedral. This story is followed up with a thorough explanation from a real-life mathematician concerning the holding up of the cathedral roof.

Subsequently, the next story, titled Mean Girls features the horrors of war.   The year is 1940 and France is at war with Germany and a field hospital is set up in a monastery populated with wounded soldiers and nursing students. Surrounded by death and disaster Simone is forced to take a violent stand when the monastery comes under attack. Simone’s bravery and intelligence save the day.  This story features solving codes with cryptography.

Next, the third story, The Architect, set in Africa, features 14-year-old Isoke, an inventive young woman, both brave and a natural-born leader who uses Geometry to save a queen.

Story four, Numerators, follows with the adventure of Yan Li, set in 1958 China. Yan Li is a farm girl who applies her skills in reading and analyzing data.

Finishing out the collection is the final and fifth story, The Visitor set in Florida in 1967 features Shawnee a Black American student who applies her skills in reading data and forecasting, to demonstrate the possibilities of Black financial independence to an important figure in the Black equality movement,  Martin Luther King Jr.

Altogether, The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls made for an astute, creative, and literate read, which I enjoyed by delving not only into math theories and their real-life applications but also expanding into history and cultures. Author Durwood has created an impressive and unique venue for young girls to engage with the world of math. Also, his work aptly demonstrates that it is possible for females from any cultural base to be proficient in mathematical applications. I enjoyed each well-detailed story and its resilient, intelligent female characterizations and also the notes at the end of each story, as well as the illustrations and website resource help to make the books in this series well worth checking out.


The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls

Author Tom Durwood continues his edifying series, The Adventures of Ruby Pi with his work in The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls which offers another published collection of intriguing sojourns into the world of math. Purchase Here.

The collection of stories continues on with the clever template of short stories rife with the elements of history, mystery, culture, and math, while also uniquely set in a variety of time periods and locales. This collection also continues to expose readers to more than just math. The stories are also fueled by looks into distinct and well-detailed histories, events, and cultures artfully combined into unforgettable math lessons demonstrating math principles applied in real life.

Starting out the first story engages the attention with Ruby Pi and the case of the Shy Mathematician. Ruby Pi is a spirited young Indian woman and a very capable female engineer with her own firm in London. Her life changes from engineer to problem solver as she works to uncover the mystery of the code in the notebooks of well-known but shy mathematician, Anaan Warinder who is found dead from being poisoned. Overall, this story brings focus to Ruby’s application of her code-breaking skills as well as using probability to solve problems.

Next Blue Moon over the Mogollons, a story set in the late 1800’s in the New Mexico territories, explores different mathematical theorems through the central character in this story, fifteen-year-old Casey, who card counts to help her family cheat at card games. Also, the story delves into the deeper mathematical theory involving snipers hitting their mark by accounting for distance, curvature, target, and origin point, when Casey has to become a sharpshooter.

Continuing on, Pen’s Black Swan moves to 1992 where young British student Penelope employs economic forecasting with critical thinking skills to calculate the risk in the financial markets.

The fourth story, Jayani’s Big Gamble which features Jayani, a master baker’s apprentice and a young girl of fourteen, whose determination, work ethic, intellect, and application of the formula for volume help her to save her aunt from a horrible fate.

Last but not least, the fifth and final story Sasha with the Red Hair set in 1957 Russia, brings to the fore, two intelligent female characters, a mysterious ancient Mayan tablet and code breaking.

Altogether, Tom Durwood’s The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls once again offers youthful readers a unique set of adventurous stories featuring intelligent female heroines, who set wondrous examples of using their critical thinking skills and use of math theories.

All in all, I enjoyed the distinctive approach to math. These are interesting stories that engage the intellect as well as excite with action and mystery. Author Durwood has written these literate stories with a wonderfully creative bent, which I think would make a great set of math teaching tools.
Additionally, I enjoyed the other perks within the book, which include illustrations, diagrams, and sections of Tom’s notes all of which serve well to deepen the understanding of the presented mathematical theories. However, my only issue with this read is towards the end of the book, the digital formatting needs to be realigned as some of the chapters start at odd spots on the page. Otherwise, I found this book made for an interesting read which I do recommend to eager minds who are mathematically inclined.



Miss Ruby Presents an Introduction to Higher Math

A small but concise booklet, Miss Ruby Presents an Introduction to Higher Math is a workbook to be used as a companion to The Adventure of Ruby Pi series by author and teacher, Tom Durwood. This booklet has been created in co-production with Tom Durwood and math teachers, Kara Colley, Ali Raza, Graham van Gottfrier, Justin Gardiner, and Ahmed Dakwar.. In particular, this book places focus on five of the math concepts taken from the inspiring Ruby Pi stories. Purchase Here.

Chapter by chapter, this booklet allows participants to hone a deeper understanding of the math used in the Ruby Pi series. Dutifully, each chapter provides a basic template to build the math psyche, which includes sections provided by author Tom Durwood who dispenses his insight into the math and how it applied in its related story. Additionally, included are sections of expertly helmed introductions to the math in each chapter provided from the savvy perspective of a different co-author, a math teacher.

Moreover, the book includes a hands approach with practice examples with clearly illustrated problems to be solved. In particular, the workbook includes the topics of Geometry, Bayes Rules, Algorithms, Data and Analytics, and Probability and Kinematics.

Meanwhile looking briefly at the included math topics by chapter; Chapter 1, Geometry, comes from the story The Architect, where female protagonist Isoke has a life-saving awareness of geometric patterns. The introduction to Geometry included in this chapter is written by math teacher Kara Colley. Next Chapter 2, looks at Bayes Rules from the story, The Case of the Shy Mathematician, the introduction to the theory is written by math teacher Ahmed Dakwar. Then Chapter 3 Algorithms stems from the story Pen’s Black Swan, with the introduction to the concept written by math teacher Justin Gardiner. Followed by Chapter 4, Data and Analytics featured in the story Numerators, the introduction to this subject is written by math teacher Ali Raza. Chapter 5, Probability and Kinematics features from the story, Blue Moon over Mogollons, with the introduction to these math concepts written by math teacher, Graham van Gottfrier.

Altogether, I was intrigued by The Adventures of Ruby Pi series and have found, this booklet, Miss Ruby Presents an Introduction into Higher Math to be invaluable as a companion to the mathematical applications presented in the Ruby Pi series. The chapters are well thought out, and the math topics are explained with math-literate clarity, while the included math questions give nurturing rise to enhancing the math skills of the math-curious reader. I definitely recommend this book to complement reading the series.


Artefactum by J.E. Tobal

Book Reviewed by Daniel Ryan Johnson

While Artefactum begins with a hilariously bizarre form of travel through the multiverse involving a sculpture of an Aboriginal fertility goddess, the story grows darker and more serious the deeper you dive. Although the book maintains an offbeat and darkly comedic element throughout, author J.E. Tobal does not let this interfere with the more profound themes the story explores.  Purchase Here.

All the characters in Artefactum are deeply flawed people who often end up hurting those they love and getting in the way of their own happiness. However, while these flaws can, at times, make you angry at the poor choices that are made, they are also the reason that they are all so relatable.

J.E. Tobal combines humor, sci-fi, vulgarity, and philosophy in a perfect cocktail served up for the reader by bartending protagonist Sam Cattan. As Sam hops through time and space, he makes a thorough exploration of all the lows and highs of the great experiment known as humanity. From the first page to the last, it is a challenge to put the book down, as each new twist makes you eager for the next.

With worlds to match everything we desire, along with everything we dread, you will be pulled along as Sam continues to try and build his own little perfect world. Although the tools he has to accomplish this task may be far beyond what any of us have to work within the real world, he struggles with creating his ideal life just as much as anyone in our corner of the multiverse.

In Artefactum, Tobal achieves the rare accomplishment of creating a story that is equal parts absurd and poignant. The twists and turns of the novel make it a compelling read that will keep you guessing about the true nature of both the universes created by the author and that in which we live. With the powers available to Sam through the artefactum that are scattered throughout the multiverse, he is able to continually answer the question, “What if…?” with the response of, “Let’s find out.”


Season of the Dragon

Season of the Dragon (Dragos Primeri Book 1) by Natalie Wright

Book Reviewed by Timea Barabas

Natalie Wright’s Season of the Dragon opens up the Dragos Primeri series in a mystical storm. Using familiar elements like dragons and shapeshifters, the author succeeds in building a unique and complex world that easily takes root in the reader’s mind.  Purchase Here.

Following the life of Quen, a young girl born under a curse or blessing – a simple matter of perspective – we embark on a journey of magical self-discovery. Since she was a child, Quen was different from the other children, more agile, faster, and stronger. However, what set her apart most was her differently colored eyes, flaming red and calm blue.

A misfit, Quen tries to suppress her unnatural abilities in hopes of social acceptance. Yet, she continues lingering as an outcast until the day an ominous visitor comes to claim her. That visit sets in motion a series of events that lead to the destruction of her home and deeply scar her family.

Quen promises to seek revenge for the loss and destruction the dragon inflicted on her settlement and loved ones. Thus, she sets off with a group of diverse misfits to find and destroy the fire-breathing dragon and his rider.

Her quest for revenge is deeply intertwined with self-discovery, as her true identity is at the center of everything. All her life, she tried keeping her shadow soul at bay, but the ancient voice gradually awakens and bubbles over in her conscious mind. As the duality within her asserts itself more and more, the possibility of an ongoing harmonious co-existence weighs heavy on Quen.

Walking in the shadow of prophecy, Quen tries to break free of the shackles set by ancient words. Natalie Wright makes her personal quest our own as we uncover a layered and disjointed social system of magic, politics, and religion.

While Season of the Dragon is aimed primarily at a young adult audience, it is a mesmerizing read for adults as well. Natalie Wright’s world-building skills, together with her astute psychological and social observations, weave a compelling and multi-layered story.

Archangel:  The Book of Mammon

Archangel: The Book of Mammon by Black Mike

Book Reviewed by Chris Phillips

Title of the review, where appropriate. Questions, answers and the trouble in between.

Black Mike presents a major conceptual change for beings that might be called angels and demons. The story follows Michael, a law enforcement agent with an unidentified agency seeking out terrorists and related organizations. He is also an orphan who grew up from a very sketchy background of family. Another active character is Sara who is a detective with the local police force. Then the third person heavily involved is Michael’s sister, Hannah. The plot revolves first around Michael truly discovering who and what his place in this universe is, Sara and her relationship with Michael and, at last, Hannah and where she is and how does she fit with the crimes and questions Michael and Sara have for her about her activities and motivations.  Purchase Here.

The first scene is an undercover surveillance situation where Michael is trying to catch a terrorist who is trying to buy arms from illegal arms dealers. He finds the suspect and gives chase. Bright lights, supernatural beings and trips across the veil between worlds leave him completely blown away. Then Sara and he are introduced, and they begin a partnership that deepens as they each learn about these two-world existence.

These two worlds exist simultaneously and intertwined with each other. There are many gifts and magic as well as powers and principals in one or the other world. This is the whole point of the plot. To all questions there are answers, and the answers are big and little. Finally, when all is said and done the questions are more important than the real actions taken, and the answers all lead to more questions as the tale spins on.

In general, the plot is convoluted and complex in the extreme. The reader is only revealed answers as they are discovered by the characters in the telling of the tale. And, although the characters are well-developed and very realistic, their interconnections keep changing and morphing into something much more as the tale spins onward.

There is both depth and development of the characters and the plot, with many twists and turns. The length of the book is very much required to cover all the convolutions, so there is little frivolous content even though it sometimes appears differently.  The twists and turns follow the questions, the answers and the revelations that each of the characters discovers.

The original concepts and the way that the battles between good and evil develop are frustrating not only for the characters within the storyline, but for the reader as well, until suddenly another epiphany arises opening understanding and making for a very satisfying means of story development.

Although Black Mike has some very original ideas and some different constructs to develop the plot, he does so with a sensitivity to the “people” involved.

This is highly recommended for those who like supernatural plots, mysteries, or battles between good and evil. This is a quality novel, good for any reader with the maturity to deal with life and death as well as those many gray areas in living in the real world.

The reviewer recommends this book.   This is a great beginning for the first read by this author and the beginning of a good series here.

Cutthroat Express

Cutthroat Express by Bryan Cassiday

Book Reviewed by Daniel Ryan Johnson

In Cutthroat Express, Bryan Cassiday takes his zombie epic to the next level. In the aftermath of President Cole going completely off the rails and nuking himself, Chad Halverson and the other survivors at the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center are left facing nuclear fallout in addition to the continued threat of the zombie hordes.  Purchase Here.

With the arrival of a stranger promising the existence of a cure, the new president enlists Halverson and a rag-tag group, including four hardened criminals, to go out into the zombie-infested nuclear wasteland and bring back the cure. With threats to Halverson and his team coming from every direction, Cassiday once again aims to show that the most difficult obstacle for society to overcome is most often humanity itself.

With the odds stacked against them, mistrust between the convicts and the rest of the team frequently poses a far greater risk to their survival than any external threat. From start to finish Cutthroat Express is filled with tension. After everything that has happened, it is no surprise that all the characters appear to be at the breaking point. As the challenges faced by Halverson and his team continue to mount, it becomes more and more difficult to believe they will be able to accomplish their seemingly impossible task.

In Cutthroat Express, the characters are constantly jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. As the dangers grow, betrayals begin to mount, and the tension continues to build. Cassiday does a great job of keeping the reader on edge. The harsh and biting dialogue, combined with the constant assault from the undead and dead alike, works to keep the reader from getting too comfortable in this cruel world.

Cutthroat Express keeps the audience engaged. With every new twist and turn it becomes harder and harder to put the book down. This action-packed narrative is a quick read that will keep you turning the pages. Every chapter leaves you curious about the next. Cassiday’s zombie apocalypse series continues to hit the mark in the latest installment. By the end of the novel, you will be eager to discover what comes next for Chad Halverson in this world of the damned.

Ever the Night Road

Ever the Night Road by Michael Breen

Book Reviewed by Timea Barabas

Ever the Night Road is a thrilling tale of adventure and self-discovery. Michael Breen introduces us to a vast magical universe filled with wonderous creatures and treasures lurking in deep waters. Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of the book is that it is on the threshold of childish naivety and worldliness.  Purchase here.


This is a story about the many forms of loss and the innate human need to fill the gaping void left behind. Dagny is an orphaned child who was taken in by her brother’s best friend and welcomed as a member of their family. She is raised on tales of exploration and discovery, daydreaming of her own adventures. On a day like any other, child’s play seamlessly transitioned into a fight for survival.


Join Dagny through her awakening to the dangers of the world. Amidst mystical creatures and phantasms, the most dangerous being is man. As Dagny explores abandoned lands, degenerate cities, and drowned worlds, she faces myriad dangers. While Ever the Night Road follows a group of teenagers and children, this is not a tale of mercy. The characters are exposed to palpable physical pain and suffering.


Michael Breen opens our eyes to the contagious quality of courage and the force of small acts of kindness. While strongly independent, Dagny taps into hidden powers when joining forces with her friends. It is these friendships and her small deeds of kindness that shelter her from the heavy dark veil of fatal danger.


This coming-of-age adventure story mesmerizes the reader on multiple levels. The story has a melodic rhythm for its unfolding. The author also takes his time to paint the atmosphere and the characters’ inner states and have the reader inhale these two worlds. Furthermore, Michael Breen shows great skill in character development. He explores the hidden motivations of individuals while factoring in the influence of external societal forces.


Ever the Night Road explores the mystical darkness of the human soul and the breaking of light as rays of hope and love pierce through the darkness. After peering into the magical realms, lively slums, and cheerful settlements outlined by the author, resisting the call of adventure becomes futile.

Code Name:  Juggernaut

Code Name: Juggernaut by Sherman E. Ross

Book Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

Code Name: Juggernaut by Sherman E. Ross is a hair-raising story. It revolves around white supremacists who commit deplorable acts of violence and square off with law enforcement agencies.  Purchase Here.

The primary instigators behind gut-wrenching atrocities are Jacqueline “Jackie” Lynch and Howard Brennan. Jackie is a hired assassin with ties to a white supremacist gang that extols Adolf Hitler’s ideologies. The gang members hold on like bulldogs to an extreme hatred of “mud races,” especially Afro-Americans and people of Jewish heritage. Howard Brennan, a top dog in the gang, has devised a plan to destroy the government and throw the country into utter chaos, with the end result of a populace comprised of only pure “Aryan” blood.

A thorn in the side of the white supremacists is FBI Special Agent Douglas Rabson, a member of the Bureau’s Domestic Counter-Terrorism Strike Force. Rabson is the lead coordinator for investigations into activities that point to Jackie and her accomplices as the ones behind vicious killings and the theft of nuclear materials.

Concurrent investigations by multiple law enforcement agencies have gotten underway to try and put an end to what is considered domestic terrorist acts. As Rabson’s investigation continues, he suspects the terrorists are planning to build an atomic bomb. It becomes a deadly cat-and-mouse game between law enforcement and the white supremacists who allow racial hatred to be the cornerstone of their beliefs. Are the terrorists building a bomb, and what is their intended target if they do? Can law enforcement officers stop the terrorists before it is too late?

Code Name: Juggernaut is jam-packed with action, conflict, tension, and suspense. It includes professional hits, graphic descriptions of sadistic murders, elements of white supremacists’ ideologies and the motives behind their death-dealing acts, malicious harassment, and high-risk confrontations.

Ross grabs readers’ attention from the start and keeps them engrossed all the way to the end as they follow in the footsteps of white supremacists and law enforcement personnel. The story’s action takes place in four states in the United States, including California, Washington, DC, Utah, and Colorado. Profanity used in the story fits the novel’s characters and tone. Ross is well-versed in scientific research, making the details pertaining to an atomic bomb credible.

Juggernaut is an emotionally impactful story that gives readers a bird’s eye view into the ideology behind racial violence and animosity toward government institutions, along with the challenges law enforcement personnel face to track down violent criminals who have no remorse for their actions.

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The Pulse

The Pulse: Book 1 by Owen Garratt

Book Reviewed by Daniel Ryan Johnson

The Pulse is the first novel in an epic post-apocalyptic series chronicling the quest of Jack Broderick. The novel tells the story of a man struggling to get back to his family on the other side of the United States after a solar storm destroys all electronics on earth. Unlike your standard end-of-the-world novel of today, there are no zombies standing in his way. Instead, the only monsters he faces are other survivors of the pulse.  Purchase Here.

 Owen Garratt’s tale of the fall of civilization in the days after a global catastrophe is both shockingly brutal and refreshingly realistic. He is able to convey myriad responses to this tragic event that all ring true. The characters in the novel are down to earth and believable, even with Jack Broderick’s ability to survive bordering on the supernatural. The Pulse feels like a genuine portrayal of a tragic event, with the characters enjoying moments of tranquility and humor that help protect them from being overwhelmed by the grief and horror of their situation.

 Owen Garratt’s writing is stripped down and vivid all at once. When reading, you are fully submersed in the scenario playing out on the pages without being bogged down by too many overly descriptive disruptions to the flow of the story. Jack Broderick’s history of growing up in rural America and later working as a health and safety professional gives him a near encyclopedic knowledge of how to manage in the new world into which he has crash-landed. 

 Jack is easy to like, and you find yourself rooting for him right away. Despite all the potential dangers he encounters on his journey to reach his family, the biggest obstacle he will face on the road may be himself. Jack’s savior complex gets him in trouble before the pulse hits, and continues to put him in harm’s way throughout the novel.

 The Pulse is an action-packed page-turner, with Jack Broderick constantly jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Upon completing the novel, you will likely find yourself searching the internet for news of when the next installment of the series will be available so you can continue the journey across a burning America with this broken man who can’t help trying to fix everyone else.

 Click Here to View the trailer for The Pulse



Dark Dweller

Dark Dweller by Garith Worthington

Book reviewed by Lilly Andrews

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”― Robert Greene.

So it is with “Dweller”, written by Gareth Worthington, a multi-award storyteller. Here, a helium mining mission to Jupiter by a team of explorers and scientists from the Earth is on course. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe but it’s interestingly so scarce on the Earth. The team understands that acquiring it means getting rich as proved by the many scientists who have become billionaires after such operations.  Purchase Here.

Unlike what they expected, Jupiter’s orbital path seems altered and an escape pod revolving towards their vessel seems to not only jeopardize the mission but their lives seem threatened. The team suddenly stands mesmerized at the site of a young girl trapped in the pod. Her strange demeanor and fearful words are both scary. Who is she? A plan decades in the making is almost being ruined. Is she in danger or is she a danger to the mission?

A new assignment to pick a research scientist in Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons is about to derail their dream further. They are literally balancing on a knife’s edge. Aggravating challenges like gravitational shift, rapid temperature change, extreme nausea, radiation, and unimaginable cold atmospheres tear the team apart. It is now the survival of the fittest.

This ode boasts strong lucid language and solid action that will make you clench your fists and heave your chest in anticipation and thrill. Further, the oeuvre is peppered with an intense emotional atmosphere as exhibited in the outspoken and radical nature of the characters. Like a medieval troubadour, the sceneries careen through an array of emotions that are by turns poignant and vibrant. This leaves readers searching and hoping that the next chapter will introduce a ray of light to the already intense narrative.

This is a solid visceral read for everyone with an interest in knuckle-hard science fiction from one of the literary giants of our time. It is irrefutably several notches above what you usually get in any fiction work.



The First Assignment

The First Assignment by Billy Kramer

Book reviewed by Timea Barabas

What happens after death? This is one of the greatest questions. While there are numerous theories and visions of the afterlife, there seems to be no absolute universal certainty of what lies beyond. Billy Kramer joins the ranks of wonderers by offering a cohesive and immersive narrative of the afterlife and life in The First AssignmentPurchase Here.

This young adult fantasy novel opens the gates to a gripping tale of self-discovery, becoming, and the interconnectivity between people. The tale, characters, and events evoke a strange familiarity in the reader. Some elements seem like a distant memory lost in the fog of time or a dream that dissipates at first light.

The First Assignment centers on life after death following the experiences of seventeen-year-old Shawn Turner. After waking up under strange circumstances, Shawn finds himself transported to a brave old world. Alone among strangers, his survival instincts kick in while he tries to understand his new reality.

Shawn is just one of many recently deceased who were chosen to join Wayward Academy. An academy of the dead in service of the living. This complex institution is a learning center, work center, and living space for those enrolled. While reapers seem to take the center stage, this is merely one of the groups that animate the space.

Bombarded with new experiences and concepts, pulled down by the weight of the unknown, Shawn soon finds comfort in the familiarity of new friendships. He soon builds a connection with a few other first-year students at the WA. Through shared experiences, whispered secrets, and knowing glances, Shawn begins to gain strength.

After being subjected to a series of intellectually, emotionally, and physically challenging tests, the new students are assigned to their respective jobs. Then, Shawn receives his first assignment. Waiting for someone to die offers Shawn ample space for introspection. Bound by strict regulations and under supervision, he sees a glimmer of hope to break through the chains and make a difference. However, taking this path would mean silencing his survival instinct.

Billy Kramer creates a magical universe caught in a mystical realm somewhere between life and darkness. The First Assignment builds the foundation of a new worldview that invites further expansion. While Book 1 may be finished, Book 2 lingers on the horizon.