Bella's Fables

Bella’s Fables…A Brief Synopsis

Poor Bella is one tired Momma Dog! Her active puppies play all day and all night. She needs to find a way to get them to go to sleep!

Step into the enchanting world of Bella’s Fables, where a wise and gentle dog named Bella puts her own spin on classic fables to lull her energetic puppies to sleep. This charming children’s chapter book takes readers on a magical journey as Bella shares the timeless tales of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Ant and the Grasshopper, and more, all from her unique canine perspective.

As Bella’s puppies, Abby, Emma, and Freddy, listen intently, they learn valuable lessons about honesty, perseverance, and the perils of being too boastful. Bella’s charming personality shines through as she engages in conversations with her pups, putting her own twist on these age-old stories. Along the way, the pups discover the joys of snuggling up with a good story and the comfort of a loving family.

Join Bella, Abby, Emma, and Freddy on their unforgettable adventure through the world of fables and uncover the timeless wisdom and wonder that lies within. Perfect for any animal-loving child seeking a heartwarming bedtime story, Bella’s Fables is an absolute must-read.

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