Bella's Fables

Bella’s Fables by Deb Evans

Reviewed by Michaela Gordoni

Bella’s Fables by author Deb Evans is a charming book about a mama golden retriever who teaches her children how to behave by telling age-old stories. Each night in their barn at the farm, Bella rounds up her playful puppies, Abby, Emma, and Freddy, and tells them a timeless story that teaches them a valuable lesson. Full of innocent curiosity, the little puppies are eager to listen and learn about each story’s characters and how they benefitted from doing the right thing, or suffered because they didn’t. Bella tells her pups classic Aesop’s fables like The Ant and The Grasshopper, Four Oxen and a Lion, and The Bat and the Weasels.  Purchase Here.

The stories sound great while being read aloud. What makes Bella’s Fables particularly engaging is the interactive nature of the storytelling. Deb Evans has done an excellent job of creating her canine characters and setting with young children in mind. Kids will be captivated by the lovable puppy character’s and resonate with them as their own parents read them these stories. Through Bella’s narratives, children are not only entertained but also encouraged to reflect on moral principles. These chapters are perfect for read-aloud sessions before bed. Evans expertly weaves in the classic Aesop fables, and has her puppy characters ask follow up questions which Bella answers. This fosters engagement and encourages critical thinking in children. Each fable teaches an important lesson, from sticking together to survive, to being wise, preparing, and why it isn’t good to be too greedy. The puppies have funny little sayings like kids do, but they still act cute and cuddly, playful, just as real puppies are.

The book occasionally has wonderful, cute illustrations that help bring the book’s characters to life. Children are sure to love looking at the pictures. While the absence of credit for the illustrations’ artist is a curious omission, the illustrations undoubtedly enhance the reading experience, captivating young imaginations. Evans goes the extra mile by including some fun activities for kids to enjoy in the last pages of the book. These include mazes and word puzzles that tie-in with the book’s theme. These additions not only reinforce learning but also provide opportunities for children to engage with the material in a playful manner.

Overall, this is an excellent book for parents to read to their kids. Bella’s Fables is a thoughtful gem for parents seeking to instill moral values in their children while fostering a love for storytelling. With its endearing characters, timeless lessons, and interactive elements, this book promises delightful bedtime reading sessions. In the effort of keeping things fun and simple, it’s a creative way to learn about Aesop’s fables. It’s a book that is both joyful and meaningful to parents and children alike.

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