Pebbles and the Biggest Number

Pebbles and the Biggest Number: A STEM Adventure for Kids…A Brief Synopsis

The book follows Pebbles the butterfly as he travels the world in search of the biggest number. The story begins with Pebbles feeling bored with counting the same small number of objects in his garden. Eager for a change, he embarks on a quest to find bigger numbers. Along the way, he visits a variety of different ecosystems and encounters diverse animals, including a camel, an electric eel, and a frog. These creatures introduce him to larger and larger numbers related to their respective habitats, such as the temperature of the sun or the voltage in a lightning bolt. Despite facing several natural disasters such as an earthquake, an avalanche, and a tsunami, Pebbles perseveres with the help of his animal friends. The story concludes with Pebbles discovering that there is no “biggest number,” as numbers are truly infinite. Fun facts about numbers and nature are included throughout the book, along with a glossary and number chart at the end.

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