Feeling Special

Feeling Special by Jennifer Kurani (Author) and Valentina Jaskina (Illustrator)

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Turtle feels ordinary and sad. Why? When Turtle observed his friends, they all seemed to have a special ability. The squirrels can jump from branch to branch, bees could fly and make honey, rabbits could hop up and down, and fireflies could fly and light up the sky.  Purchase Here.

Turtle wondered what he could do to be special too. He could not do any of these things like his friends.  Then his special moment came. It started to rain and all of Turtle’s friends were getting wet. He hid himself inside his hard shell and stayed dry. Turtle now felt special. He no longer felt ordinary or sad.

Feeling Special is a large sized picture book. This book points out that even though everyone is different, they have something unique to make them special in their own way. The illustrations are delightful and match so well with each of Turtle’s friends. Some readers might consider this book to be a little dismal because the phrase “Turtle felt ordinary and sad” is repeated on many pages. I did not feel this way. To me the phrase was a way to build up the excitement for the moment Turtle realizes he is special too.

Feeling Special is recommended for ages 3-6.

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