What is a Family

What is a Family by Cassandra Hames (Author) Nila Aye (Illustrator)

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

What is a Family points out the importance of the bond that families share even though each one looks different. The book emphasizes that friends can be considered part of your family. Many topics are covered such as support, adventure, laughter, helping each other, encouragement to lift your spirits, and bravery. What is a Family is an excellent book to read aloud to your little children.

The book cover really caught my eye! The cover is padded with board pages that make it perfect and strong even if little ones tug on them. It’s filled with animal families and a text that rhymes. The illustrations are colorful, bright and very cute. I loved the quote in the book that states “Remember love’s your lighthouse and your family is your sail”. That says it all! This book is a terrific gift for many occasions including baby showers, holidays, etc. because it stresses unconditional love and how a family is “love”.  This book is recommended for ages 1-5.  Purchase Here.

What is a Family is part of the Love You Always series. This series now consists of 11 books.

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