Every Silent Thing

Every Silent Thing…A Brief Synopsis

Claire Deveraux, born deaf, visits the Louvre in Paris to photograph certain exhibits. While there, she observes a man go in a women’s restroom. A short time later, he rushes out. Curious, she enters the restroom and finds a woman dying from a gunshot wound. She lip-reads the woman’s last words. L’homme and Champagne. Unbeknownst to Claire, the woman secreted a thumbdrive into her pocket. Certain Claire knows the words and possesses the thumbdrive, the killer goes on the hunt for her.

During a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Claire discovers that the two words uttered by the dying woman referred to the bartender at a champagne bar on the Tower’s summit. An envelope and a key he gives her lead her to recover a briefcase of Euros. She hands the briefcase over to the police. A year later, Claire is reunited with her twin sister Megan, who is now a nun in Luxembourg. Claire leaves the reunion vowing to visit her often and check for vacancies at the Embassy there.

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