Regaining Paradise

Regaining Paradise…A Brief Synopsis

Human greed and the need to dominate have moved the Doomsday clock ever-closer to midnight, the point where the world will be on the razor-thin edge of destruction. Despite it all, many of us are still searching to fill an inner emptiness. The worldview that’s described in Paul Corson’s Regaining Paradise responds to that emptiness and more. This worldview was inspired by three vision experiences that have been found credible by Gregory Alles, a former chairman of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Western Maryland College and Sister Margaret McKenna with a PhD in divinity from the University of Pennsylvania The Sister called Corson a “modern-day prophet.”

Using reason and science as its basis, the book addresses the Big Questions that have bedeviled thinkers since the earliest times: What happens to us at death? What is heaven like? What is the basis for the reward or retribution that will be meted when we pass on? And the question of questions: what is the source of God’s creative powers? Gaining knowledge of this ultimate question enlightens readers so they understand who they truly are:  this knowledge is the lynchpin which provides the answers to the other big questions. This knowledge was provided to Corson in a vision that is developed systematically over the course of the book. Moved by this knowledge, readers can enter the mind state of Paradise we experienced at birth. We find inner peace and fulfillment, leading us to nurture Earth and others.

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