Season of the Dragon

Season of the Dragon (Dragos Primeri Book 1) by Natalie Wright

Book Reviewed by Timea Barabas

Natalie Wright’s Season of the Dragon opens up the Dragos Primeri series in a mystical storm. Using familiar elements like dragons and shapeshifters, the author succeeds in building a unique and complex world that easily takes root in the reader’s mind.  Purchase Here.

Following the life of Quen, a young girl born under a curse or blessing – a simple matter of perspective – we embark on a journey of magical self-discovery. Since she was a child, Quen was different from the other children, more agile, faster, and stronger. However, what set her apart most was her differently colored eyes, flaming red and calm blue.

A misfit, Quen tries to suppress her unnatural abilities in hopes of social acceptance. Yet, she continues lingering as an outcast until the day an ominous visitor comes to claim her. That visit sets in motion a series of events that lead to the destruction of her home and deeply scar her family.

Quen promises to seek revenge for the loss and destruction the dragon inflicted on her settlement and loved ones. Thus, she sets off with a group of diverse misfits to find and destroy the fire-breathing dragon and his rider.

Her quest for revenge is deeply intertwined with self-discovery, as her true identity is at the center of everything. All her life, she tried keeping her shadow soul at bay, but the ancient voice gradually awakens and bubbles over in her conscious mind. As the duality within her asserts itself more and more, the possibility of an ongoing harmonious co-existence weighs heavy on Quen.

Walking in the shadow of prophecy, Quen tries to break free of the shackles set by ancient words. Natalie Wright makes her personal quest our own as we uncover a layered and disjointed social system of magic, politics, and religion.

While Season of the Dragon is aimed primarily at a young adult audience, it is a mesmerizing read for adults as well. Natalie Wright’s world-building skills, together with her astute psychological and social observations, weave a compelling and multi-layered story.

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