Kahuna - Tampa Bay

The Kahuna: Vol. 1 – Tampa Bay…A Brief Synopsis

Vox Montague is no stranger to waking up hungover and naked. As the Kahuna of Tampa Bay, he juggles his role as a supernatural peacekeeper with drunken strip club shenanigans, money woes, and a relationship with his witch-babe of a girlfriend that requires even more patching than the pipes he works on at his plumbing company.

When an ancient evil resurfaces, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Vox’s new powers are wonky, his emotions are on edge, and his Kahuna Council bosses are breathing down his neck. As the stakes ratchet up, can this impetuous magic-wielder conquer his inner demons so that he can protect Earth from the murderous, real-life ones?

With spectacular world-building, delicious raunch, and LMAO humor, if you like in-your-face action, epic quests, and flawed heroes, then you’ll love Brent A. Phillips’s tyrannosaurus-size urban fantasy.

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Kahuna - Tampa Bay

Kahuna: Vol. 1 – Tampa Bay by Brent A. Phillips

Book Reviewed by Daniel Ryan Johnson

KAHUNA: Vol 1. – Tampa Bay is not your typical supernatural beings fantasy book. While the story does feature some of the usual suspects, like vampires and witches, these characters appear in supporting roles. Meanwhile, the protagonist of the story is a water-manipulating kahuna, and many of the supporting players in his world are equally unique “supernatties” that don’t live among the pages of your average fantasy novel.  Purchase Here.

Author Brent A. Phillips dives deep down into the imagination to create a world filled with unique characters. It is a refreshing take on a genre that can often feel overplayed. With terrific character development, you can easily get drawn into the lives of this diverse group. KAHUNA grips you from the start and makes you interested to discover what new creation lies around the next page.

Phillips tends to keep things light even when the darkness approaches. Humor weaves throughout the book despite the dangers constantly confronting our lead character Vox Montague. Sex, violence, alcohol, culinary delights, sports rivalries, and a diehard devotion to the ones he loves are the driving forces behind this likable lead.

The water-wielding kahuna plumber is tasked with keeping the peace among all supernatural beings in Tampa Bay and the surrounding Florida area. However, despite having the two full-time jobs of peacekeeper and plumber, he still finds plenty of time to drink his way into trouble and let his sexual appetites take the wheel more often than they should.

KAHUNA is an easy read that can be hard to put down. As the nefarious activity of supernatties continues to heat up in Tampa Bay, you can easily get swept along as Vox battles his way up the baddie food chain while attempting to uncover a plot that threatens the city and deeply affects the people closest to him.

Phillips succeeds in keeping the reader eager for more up to and including over the final page. The story is fast-paced, and the action and suspense continue to build with every sentence. Once you have finished the book, you will be champing at the bit to get your hands on KAHUNA Vol 2. Hawaii.