Deadly Droppings/Humble Pie

Deadly Droppings/Humble Pie…A Brief Synopsis

Deadly Droppings

Max Morgan, private detective, takes on what he mistakenly thinks is  a missing juvenile delinquent case that turns out to instead involve a missing hero named Homer Crowe. Unfortunately, however, Home is conscripted into a Paul Reverends militia and — under the influence — is sent on a mission to bombard the Arkansas State Capitol. Thanks to an intercepted message, Max takes matters in hand  and possibly saves dozens of lives.


Humble Pie

Max Morgan, a private detective, is confronted by what appears to be a plot to murder a local cattle baron. Suspect numero uno is the baron’s socially ambitious wife who aspires to be recognized by the Queen of England as the Virgin Baroness of Bridgewater Abbey. Her stepdaughter and/or the son of a longtime rival appear to be cooking up a comeuppance in the mode of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. But Max sticks a thumb into a meat pie, so to speak, and pulls out a plum, also so to speak.


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