Pillars of Success

Pillars of Success by Jack Canfield, Harriet Tinka, and Dr. Allen Lycka

Book Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

Pillars of Success is a fantastic resource for people who are interested in learning about beneficial ways to enjoy success and happiness in both their professional and personal lives. The book is penned by Jack Canfield, Harriet Tinka, and Dr. Allen Lycka, along with a number of highly respected individuals. Each of the nineteen chapters focuses on different writers and their individual perspectives on how to live one’s life to the fullest potential every day. The individuals who contributed to this book are encouraging but do not sugar coat the challenges people will face and need to overcome in order to reach the major goals they have set for themselves. Readers not only can pick and choose which chapters appeal to them the most for incorporating the changes suggested by a particular co-author, but they will also gain an inside perspective on how the contributors to this book made changes in their lives. The writers share stories that are related to both their personal and professional lives of how they overcame adversity and how the actions they put in place made a difference in a life of positivity versus one of negativity. The book addresses the importance of positive thinking in all aspects of a person’s life; albeit career and financial stability, family and social relationships, physical and emotional health, and spiritual/religious beliefs. Purchase Here.

This awe-inspiring book will resonate with readers and provide them with powerful ways to make a difference in how they approach their everyday lives. Each contributor is well-qualified, and the added personal aspects to the subject matter being discussed is an invaluable technique for connecting with readers. Every chapter is short, but enough information is provided that readers can confidently apply the suggested techniques. The footnotes of resources provide compelling evidence to back up the views that are written about in an easy to understand format. At the end of each chapter, there is a short bio that is relevant to each one of the contributors in regard to their own professional beginnings and successes as well as the positive influence they have had on other people’s lives and their willingness to provide motivation and inspiration to anyone who desires to bring and/or increase positive energy into their lives. After each bio, there is a listing with Internet information for how to contact each contributor’s personal and professional websites.

No matter what stage of life a person is experiencing, this book will touch the lives of those who read it with tips ranging from succeeding as an entrepreneur, believing in yourself when life gets difficult, financial planning for retirement, and setting attainable goals in the major areas of your life that will help one achieve maximum potential for lasting happiness and personal fulfillment. This book is a treasure for those who want to experience positive and long-lasting changes in their lifestyle.