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Author Interview:   Simon Plaster – Interview #2

The books shown on the left are by Simon Plaster. Click on the cover to order.

This interview was conducted by Chris Phillips on August 18, 2016.

Note to Readers: Because he remains under a court-imposed gag order, it is Simon Plaster’s practice to answer interviewers’ questions in the third person.

Chris Phillips: How many books have you written?

Simon Plaster: Simon was not told there would be math questions asked, but okay. Just guessing, he comes up with a total of one book, comprised of several chapters published in serial form like Dickens’ works. (Referring to Charles Dickens, not Little Jimmy.)

Chris Phillips: Did you grow up in a small Midwestern town or even in Henryetta? How did that inspire you to write about it?

Simon Plaster: Simon thinks of himself as still in the process of growing up wherever he may find himself from time to time. As for his connection to the town of Henryetta, Oklahoma, he only stopped there once for gas, having consumed two onion burgers an hour or so earlier in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Chris Phillips: How many turduckens have you eaten?

Simon Plaster: Simon has never consumed a turducken, nor spotted owl or any other endangered fowl thing.

Chris Phillips: What are your future literary plans?

Simon Plaster: As for his future literary plans, Simon requests that the question be re-phrased to be less open-ended.

Chris Phillips: Do you see any of these characters returning or starting a series of stories?

Simon Plaster: Characters in Simon’s works come and go as they please. Some are welcomed back to his pages; some not, for obvious reasons. What they say and do upon arrival is not his fault.

Chris Phillips: What are your influences in this form of comedic mystery?

Simon Plaster: Fearless Fosdick and Barney Fife.

Chris Phillips: Did you have any writers block issues?

Simon Plaster: Au contraire, Simon is under constant pressure from his editor, publisher and fans; and would gladly “put a sock in it” if he could.

Chris Phillips: Are you currently writing more books? What can you tell us about them?

Simon Plaster: Other books are indeed rattling around in the hopper. One about “News: information, misinformation and a girl.” Another about celebrity politics. Possibly a third on the subject of foot odor.

Chris Phillips: Where do you get your inspirations?

Simon Plaster: Mainly from daily bottles of merlot.

Chris Phillips: What is your background? What do you want to tell about what has made you the author you are today?

Simon Plaster: Simon Plaster would like nothing better than to tell his side of the stories about himself (and others), but as noted above, has been gagged for legal reasons related to public decency laws.

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