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Author Bio: Simon Plaster

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Simon Plaster started writing in high school, just words at first, then complete sentences, and —- later in life —- whole paragraphs. Only then did it occur to him to ask: Why not write volumes? Why not indeed. Since quitting honest but onerous oil field work, Simon has penned no fewer than nine entertaining and enlightening novels, depicting absurdities of bigtime college football, movement to eliminate the electoral college, obsession with health & fitness, politics of so-called global warming, radical feminism on college campuses, divorce lawyer scams and partisan electoral politics, to mostly critical acclaim. That said, and given that all fiction is thought to be fundamentally autobiographical —- not to mention the stifling effect of a court-imposed gag order —- neither Simon nor his few friends and acquaintances can say anything further to convey, confirm or deny any personal information about him. And so he must remain, even to his most devoted readers, an intriguing enigma, not unlike Mark Twain, whose real name, reputedly, was not Mark Twain, but quite possibly, Colonel Sanders.

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