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Author Bio: Roger Williams

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I’m Roger Williams. I hail from Newport News, Virginia. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from the Ohio State University. My latest novel is “Princess Reigns.” Like my previous novel, “Dangerous Bureau,” ‘Reigns’ is also a suspense/thriller. This is a novel about a minister who is not what she appears to be to her public. In fact, she is great at dangerously deceiving people.  Whereas “Dangerous Bureau” is a novel about murder, mayhem, and political operatives — “Princess Reigns” is about a deadly woman who hides behind the veil of religion.

I love suspense stories. I’ve written a couple of ‘suspense’ screenplays. I got as far as the final round of two major contests with both screenplays.

I’ve always loved to write creatively. I will be turning out many more suspense/thrillers in the future.


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