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Author Bio:  Homa Pourasgari

Homa Pourasgari

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                     ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Homa Pourasgari is an Iranian-born American writer who has been traveling since the age of five. She lived in Iran before high school and moved to California when she was 12 to improve her English. She has attended a summer school in London, a bordering school in Switzerland and after getting her BA in business from Loyola Marymount University, she attended the University of Sorbonne in Paris for a year to study literature.

She is a member of Association of Iranian-American Writers, The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, PEN American Center and the Independent Book Publishers Association. As an activist and a member of Amnesty International, she has always been outspoken about countries that violate the basic human rights. Homa has worked as an assistant editor for UCLA’S West Word 7 and has attended UCLA’S creative writing courses. Her work expands across various cultures and deals with the disappearance of ethics and morality in exchange for greed, profit and politics.

Multilingual, Pourasgari has worked in various industries such as banking, retail, accounting and fitness and uses her work and life experiences in her writings. Her first book, Lemon Curd, won the 2006 Forward Magazine�s Book of the Year Award Finalist and prior to her second book, The Dawn of Saudi: in search for freedom, which came out June 22, 2009, she was quoted in USA Today regarding Oppression in the Muslim-dominated countries.

Pourasgari is currently working on a new fiction about the forces that have impacted the U.S economy and the loss of American freedom. To learn more about her and her books, you may visit www.homapourasgari.com, www.lemoncurdbook.com/ and www.thedawnofsaudi.com. Her books are available for sale at Amazon.com and major online bookstores.


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