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Author Bio: Bob Gebelein

Bob Gebelein graduated from Harvard with a BA in Mathematics in 1956, and had a legendary career as a computer programmer and creator of software systems. But the main effort of his adult life was something else. Because of the threat of nuclear annihilation and other cultural problems, he turned his back on the culture in 1955 and set out to design a new civilization. His methods were psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis. He succeeded in his quest by discovering how “human nature” itself can be changed, from competitive self-interest to compassion and altruism. If a majority of people reached this point, we would have a new civilization. His books, Re-Educating Myself and The Mental Environment, describe this experience. His original songs, on Uncle Bobby’s Record, have had an international following. Because he has achieved a degree of separation from the culture, he can view the scientific establishment with some perspective, especially because he is not controlled by it. Also he brings to Dirty Science original concepts such as “mental senses” that make this work a step ahead of the present culture.

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