The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit

The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit:
Introducing Another Theory of Everything
Earle Josiah

A fascinating theory of everything that presents a new understanding of the wondrous world that extends beyond the barriers of normal life. The disclosure of elusive secrets of the universe and hidden truths about mankind would open your eyes to reality and change your life forever. This profound insight into an unfamiliar world reveals that vibrating spirit energy in the universe is the supreme driving force of human nature and it manifests as will. Furthermore, the spirit force that reveals itself in humans is not only the supreme mover in our psychological equipment; it also governs all movements throughout nature and is the primary principle underlying all creation.

As a manifestation of spirit, will is the primary essence of all things and the fundamental reality in all of nature. Reality is spirit or will that expresses itself in the natural and human worlds. In addition, because of the presence of spirit there is a natural order in physical reality and a moral order in human nature. Spirit also provides us with the will to live and drives us to work towards the perfection of our characters.

This original theory, considered from a metaphysical perspective, reveals that spirit causes the existence and manifestation of all things. It is indispensable for the explanation of all natural phenomena, inheres in everything and resides everywhere.

Easy-to-follow exercises and techniques help you channel the dynamic spirit power that manifests through your mind. Expand your consciousness, cultivate your mind and utilize the creative and attractive powers of your spirit to operate for your benefit and improve your life.

Discover how it is possible through meditation, concentration, visualization, mental suggestion, and other processes to unleash the awesome power that is within you. Control and direct the flow of your spirit energy to bring about manifestations in the material world. Create opportunities, satisfy your desires, attract the right circumstances, acquire things and accomplish all kinds of results. The book offers guidance on how to overcome the imperfection of being, acquire a functional understanding of nature’s laws and master the conditions of life.

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