The Woman in the Wing

The Woman in the Wing

by Jean Sheldon



Unabridged CD recording

ISBN: 978-0-9723541-0-3 


Jean Sheldon and Bast Press announce the release of the unabridged audio book version of ‘The Woman in the Wing’, Jean’s historical mystery about women pilots and factory workers in WWII.


The scheduled release date for this exciting, informative, and entertaining look at women in WWII is May 5, but Bast Press is offering a pre-release sale for orders placed prior to that date. Find more information at or


It’s been suggested that if you listen to this recording while driving, expect to pull over so as not to miss any of Judith ‘Sparky’ Roberts’ superb performance. She captures the distinct personalities of the many characters, good guys, and bad, adding another level to the already exciting plot. Learn more about Judith at Jean’s Website.