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Stephen White has written a novel that I feel sure you will continue to think about long after you've read the last page. The book started slow for me but increased in momentum until I couldn't wait to finish the book and know what the end would bring.

Dr. Alan Gregory's new patient is a puzzle to the doctor. He is a wealthy man who seems intent on getting his story across to Dr Gregory but on the other hand reluctant in the telling.

The patient has made a lot of money and lived a full life. He is known by his friends and family as an adventurer. He feels he needs to live life to the fullest and have experiences that a lot of men would be afraid to tackle. When a friend has an accident that leaves him brain damaged and kept alive by machines Dr. Gregory's patient is approached by another friend who offers to introduce him to a company that guarantees that his life will be terminated if he ever has an illness or injury serious enough that he would be unable to continue life in the manner that he desires.

The reader knows the names of the patient's wife, children and illegitimate son but the patient remains anonymous. The book leads you through his initial meetings with "The Death Angels" as he refers to them. He eventually makes a deal that will guarantee that his life will be ended if something happens that would put him in a position where he couldn't do the things he feels are important.

But the catch is when he has crossed that threshold and his time of death draws nearer he decides that what was important at the time he contracted with The Death Angels are not the things that are important to him now. He knows he has unfinished business but he has entered into a contract from which there is no escaping.

The patient is a very intelligent man with many resources but will he be able to evade The Death Angels until he has completed the items that he now feels is necessary to take care of before his death. Dr. Gregory is finally aware of all the facts and agrees that he will make an effort to talk to his patients son and try to make him understand the bizarre situation the patient has found himself in. I highly recommend this book. How many times have you looked at a person physically or mentally damaged in some way and said to yourself "I wouldn't want to live another day like that"? You may want to think twice about that type of statement after you read this book.



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