JAMES SHEEHAN

Lucy was somewhat of a flirt.  She was known for getting her prey.  Rudy was a handsome young man who worked at a convenience store.  Each night women would come into the store specifically for the purpose of trying to get Rudy's attention.  He didn't pay too much attention to most of the women - that is until he saw Lucy.  Lucy got Rudy's attention when she asked him how much an item cost?  She just happened to lean over the counter in her low cut blouse.  When he told her the price she stated she did not believe him and said she didn't take a favor without returning one.  She gave Rudy her address.  She told him to come to her trailer that night.  As soon as she left he grabbed a pencil and wrote down her number.

Rudy was known to be a little slow - not retarded however.  As soon as he arrived at Lucy's trailer she offered him something to drink.  His mother warned him to stay away from alcohol but he could not refuse Lucy.  As he started to have his second beer, she poured a shot of Jack Daniels into it.  It turned out to be too much for Rudy and he started to feel very dizzy.  As he started to run for the door to get some air, his knee hit the coffee table and he ended up with a nasty gash in his hand.  This pretty well ruined what Lucy had planned!

Geronimo Cruz was drinking beer with two of his friends.  The two men knew he was seeing Lucy.  They noticed Rudy stumbling down the street.  When one of them asked, "Who is that?" the response was "I saw him go into Lucy's house".  When Geronimo heard this he told the two men he would see them later and within a few minutes he was at Lucy's door. 

A short time later Lucy was found with her throat slit.  One of Lucy's co-workers stopped by Lucy's trailer because she failed to show up for work. 

Who murdered Lucy? 

Jack Tobin is a brilliant trial lawyer.  Rudy now sits in Florida's death row.  After ten years Jack Tobin is compelled to help his childhood friend, Mickey, who is Rudy's father.  It isn't all that easy for Tobin to do because he is going up against Jimmy DiCarlo and he is really out to crucify Mickey in the courtroom.

Is Jack Tobin able to prove that Rudy is innocent? 

This novel is an exciting legal thriller.  It will take hold of you from the very first page.  This is James Sheehan's first novel and he does an outstanding job.  When you read this book you feel like you are reading a book written by a master of the legal thriller.  We look forward to more books by James Sheehan. 



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