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Nat (Natalie) Greco was a young teacher attempting to get tenure at the University of Pennsylvania Law School but the attendance in her lecture class in law was so low that she became dejected inwardly, but never letting it show. A fellow professor, Angus Holt, encouraged Nat all he could. Angus taught a clinic at the local prison, Chester County Correctional Institute, a short-term prison for mostly non-violent prisoners, or so it was supposed to be! Angus talked Nat into accompanying him to the prison for his clinic. He told her it was not dangerous and she might learn from it. Things went fine until a loud explosion was heard followed by smoke and sirens going off everywhere in the prison. The entire situation became very dangerous for Nat when one of the inmates grabbed her and was attempting to subdue her, Nat not knowing what his intentions were but imagining the worst, fought him off as much as her small body would allow when Angus finally got her loose. She fled to another room where she discovered a guard appearing to be dead with a sharp object coming from his chest, and a prisoner stretched out also wounded. Another CO (Corrections Officer) was running from the room heading in the direction that Nat had sent him to help Angus. Nat started CPR on the wounded guard but all she did was cause the blood to pump out of him. He uttered his last words to Nat to tell his wife, “It’s under the floor” as Nat had understood his words.

From here the book gets even better, if that’s possible. Nat visits the dead guards wife and, after several visits relays the message to her. However, someone is chasing Nat trying to hurt or kill her. She had made friends of two state troopers while the investigation was ongoing and they tried to help her fight the evil that surrounded her. Nat had a boyfriend, Hank, who was more interested in watching sports in person or on TV and associating with Nat’s brother’s more than paying attention to Nat. She was getting a bit tired of playing second-fiddle! Angus started getting friendly with Nat also and she thought maybe Hank was not the man for her but she wasn’t sure if Angus was either.

The development of the story takes you through a lot of Pennsylvania towns and counties while encountering several law enforcement departments. Eventually Nat became the chased instead of the victim when some evidence showed up that she might have tried to kill the guard’s wife and also a state trooper. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was reported as such by several witnesses. While on the run, Nat has many close calls as she tries to prove her innocence and finger the guilty party or parties.

A great book that does not slow down.



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