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Portia was just about ready to sit down and relax for the evening when her phone rang. She heard her mother's voice come through on her answering machine. Her mother asked her to call as soon as possible stating it was urgent. Portia knew the meaning of the word "urgent" meant something completely different to her mother than it meant to her.

Portia was not very happy at the moment. Her boyfriend, Peter, dumped her on Valentine's Day. Upon her return from work one day she found a good-bye note written on the title page of a book. To make matters worse it was not any book but one that Peter had written. As a result, Portia had many questions running through her mind such as why would Peter sign the note "love" when it was a "later babe" note. Her point was isn't love a mute point when one is being dumped? The other question she had is where did he go? Did he find another woman, another man, or would he rather be by himself?

In the meantime, Portia's phone range again. It was her mother calling back. She told Portia that her back had gone out and the doctor told her to stay in bed for a few months. She asked Portia to come home to help with the store. In fact, she asked Portia to come home for the entire summer.

Portia looked around the apartment and tried to search for reasons she could not leave. The one she thought of right of the bat was her dissertation. After going back and forth with thoughts running through her mind she told her mother her last class was May 19th and she would be there soon after that date.

Portia decided to drive the 14 hours home because this would give her the flexibility of turning around. It would also give her some time to be alone before returning to her mother and grandmother.

There was a curse on the Fallon family. It seems like no man has stuck with a Fallon woman for more than two years. Portia was getting close to beating this record until she was dumped.

Upon Portia's arrival, Portia's mother informed her that her back was fine. When Portia asked what was going on, her mother informed her that they found Portia a "flyer" that was just perfect for her. He was a writer named Ian. He was renting a farm and would be there just for the summer. They also informed Portia that he would be at her welcome home party.

Do Portia and Ian become a team? Is she able to break the curse that has been on the women in her family so long? Who else is invited to the party and what happens when he gets there?

The author's sense of humor is absolutely wonderful and refreshing. You will find many lines in this book that will really make you laugh. This is one of the great qualities of this author's writing style. She can take any topic and make it a funny one. She does an excellent job of portraying Portia. She is a very likeable character. You will feel like she is your next-door neighbor and she is telling you her story. If you want to be entertained, have a few laughs and have a relaxing evening be sure to read Ex and the Single Girl. This book is highly recommended.



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