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A young teenager was getting ready to eat his dinner but he wanted to be sure his dog was kenneled first. After a long whistle the dog came running. The father noticed he had something in his mouth. The boy thought it was just another dead squirrel. When the boy realized what the dog really had in his mouth he almost fell backwards. The dog had the right hand of someone in his mouth. The father told the son to call 911.

Two brothers were fishing when the ten year old started reeling in his line. He thought it was just another stick snagged to it. When he realized what was at the end of his fishing pole the two brothers started to run. All they could see was the "thing" at the end of his line. What was it?

A man who regained consciousness was very badly beaten. One of his eyes was very badly shut and his glasses were knocked off during the beating. However, his glasses somehow were put back on his face. He wanted to scream but did not have enough strength to do so. He passed out again - this time for good. His head fell forward but his glasses stayed on his head - why? Because the killer had tied them to his head. Why would someone do this? What did the killer want the man to see?

The FBI did not know what to do with agent Bernadette St. Clare. She had been reassigned to many offices all over the country. She was known for not being the easiest person to work with. When she got to her latest assignment she asked herself whom was she kidding. She looked at the two other desks that were empty. She realized that they hid her away very good this time by placing her in the office across from the electrical room on the same level as the parking ramp.

Her cell phone rang and it was her new boss Tony Garcia. He told her he had a good case for her. Agent St. Clare had a special ability. She uses personal effects found at the crime scene to see through a killer's eyes. In some cases she has been very accurate; however, in others results have turned out either cloudy or confusing. Tony Garcia is aware of this and is not sure he should follow her lead. To make matters more interesting, St. Clare becomes involved with her upstairs neighbor. There is just something about this man that she cannot figure out but she feels somehow he is connected to the killer's identity.

Blind Spot is an intriguing novel that will capture the reader's attention from the very first page. The reader will end up cheering for Agent St. Clare by hoping that her instincts are correct in order to prove herself. There are some very different characters in this book that will help win the reader over. If you are looking for a book that is a real thriller this is the one for you. It is loaded with suspense and has many twists and turns. Terri Persons has an excellent descriptive writing style. This is one you do not want to pass on - be sure to add it to your reading list.



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