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Patterson has done it again! A terrific book that is unpredictable and has quite a few story lines going all through the book but not to the confusing point. Lauren Stillwell has a great job, a terrific marriage, and many of life’s luxuries and she enjoys all of them. Lauren decides one day that she was going to surprise husband Paul at his office and both go out for a fantastic meal. As Lauren approached Paul’s office building in Manhattan, she spied Paul leaving the office building with a young blond woman. Whoa!! She followed them in her car to a hotel and watched them go in. “This is not good” is what came to Laurens mind. There must be some explanation so Lauren gave Paul the benefit of a doubt when he arrived home that night until Paul told her he had lunch at his desk.

They both entered a taxi to go to the airport, each to go to fly to a different city and, Lauren hoped, give her a chance to think things out. Well, Lauren thought things out very fast and arranged a date with an old friend instead of leaving New York. She was going to get even with Paul. Old friend and former fellow cop, Scott, came to the house as arranged for their rendezvous and to Lauren her revenge. They each got cold feet and Scott took off with Lauren following him, eventually catching him as he was getting on his motorcycle to take off for parts unknown. Lauren wanted so desperately to get that revenge that she climbed on and went with Scott to his house where they had groping and fantastic sex in every part of the house.

It seems Paul also did not go out of town as planned. He was following Lauren and Scott, taking in the entire scene. Paul had every intention of giving Scott a real life lesson by killing him but while approaching Scott, Paul’s cell phone went off and alerted Scott that someone was there and this turned into a bitter battle after which Lauren saw Paul throw Scott into his truck and take off with him. She did not know if Scott was alive or not but figured that Paul was taking Scott to the hospital.

Lauren was a Detective First Grade on the Bronx Homicide Task Force. How was she going to explain what occurred? She rushed to various hospitals searching for Scott to see the injuries herself while at the same time thinking how she would cover this up and proceed as if nothing had happened to her life! While searching the hospitals, she discovered a huge presence of police at a nearby park. As she approached the area her co-workers asked her why she wasn’t at the conference she had supposedly gone to. She explained that away fast and jumped into the crime scene where a dead body, turning out to be Scott, had been found wrapped and dumped in the park pond.

Lauren and Paul’s life had taken a sharp turn but neither would discuss what they knew the other had done or the attack on Scott. This made some things better in their lives and also opened up some crevices that they both fell into. Life went on but certainly not normal in any sense of the word. They both acted well with each other and no one that they knew of suspected anything wrong with their lives together but they each knew they were living a ticking time bomb.

As usual with Patterson’s books, he has a way to keep the reader deeply involved in the story as though they were actually there playing the parts. Did you try to kill your spouse??



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