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I felt like I was reading a current history book while thoroughly enjoying Eclipse. For the world’s glut of oil usage, the nation of Luandia was in the forefront. The fictional nation could be any one of many nations in our world today enduring the struggles of the many against the so very few in a battle to exist while fighting an oil corporation along with corrupt leaders of several factions trying to control both the oil and the people any and every way possible.

Bobby Okari was a resistance fighter who tried to rid the evil peacefully but the forces were too strong against him causing more death to natives and even Bobby’s own father by beheading. Bobby met lawyer Damon Pierce when visiting the United States with his wife, Marissa, as Bobby attempted to get Damon to help his fight in Luandia. When, several years later, Bobby’s village was attacked as he spoke to his people, Bobby was captured and was forced to watch all his people being killed after torture, rape, and the burning of the entire village. His wife was let go free with the brutal attackers knowing she would not leave the nation with Bobby being in prison.

Of course no one would admit to the killings and torture but all the blame was placed on Bobby Okari when three employees of the PGL Oil Company ware hung in front of everyone. Was Bobby to blame for any of this? Damon Pierce was contacted and asked to help Bobby’s cause by coming to Luandia and taking over as defense lawyer for Bobby. Eventually after researching the entire matter as far as could be obtained, Damon did go to Luandia. He could see the sad state of affairs of the nation as he entered the areas controlled by the tyrants. No one had any freedom of speech or movement without the government stopping and resisting their actions.

Damon had made a personal connection with Bobby’s wife, Marissa, when he had met Bobby and her in the United States. Of course Damon would do what he could for both Bobby and Marissa. The struggles he had with the military leadership of Luandia, the PGL Oil Company, and interacting government officials and agencies became one of enduring misery with little law being used in the nation and much torture and hatred. Bobby was kept in a small cell, unlit much of the time, living in his own excrement and filth. He was given a bucket for his bodily functions and the stench was unbearable as Damon discovered when he was finally allowed to visit Bobby in prison.

Damon made several trips to other areas of Luandia as well as to the United States to discover any additional information he could use as Bobby’s lawyer in a trial so rigged that justice seemed impossible. Damon had a few friends of Bobby’s seek him out and helped him with information and travel to areas to find other witnesses that might or might not show when asked to for a trial. These friends did all they secretly could to get Damon to various areas of information. The soldiers were everywhere and made it extremely hard to escape those trailing anyone Damon contacted. Everything had to be very sneaky and hushed.

Damon worked the nations leaders and the head of the oil company for as much detail he could learn but again, the information was hard or impossible to come by. When the trial finally came about, three judges ran the show, all of which were under the military governments control. One of the “judges” had never done any law work but he was there for show. The trial was very interesting and educational for the reader. While Luandia is fictional, the happenings in Eclipse were modeled very closely to other actual uprisings that occurred in history not too many years ago. Richard North Patterson is an attorney and he researched the story very well and brought to us, the readers, a story that we can very well relate to in today’s world. A very thrilling and riveting story.



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