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No matter how hard he tries, Hugh Davoren just cannot stay out of trouble. Trouble seems to find him.

After a divorce and a job as a journalist, Hugh Davoren is now returning home to Montana. His latest job is that of a carpenter at the Pettyjohn Ranch where 25 years ago his teenage love, Celia, died. The death was ruled an accident even though it was suspicious.

The new owners of the ranch are Wesley and Laurie Balcomb who are running a breeding operation. On a normal stop at the ranch's dump, Davoren sees something that shocks him. Hidden corpses of two mutilated horses. Who could have done this awful thing and why?

The nightmare starts to build for Davoren. He is detained at gunpoint on trumped up charges for assaulting the foreman and stealing used lumber. Davoren does not have enough money for the bail and calls his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Lyn Olsen. She agrees to give him the money.

Davoren knows he needs help in order to prove his case. He contacts his trusted friend, Madbird, and they go back to the ranch to take photos of the dead horses. There is one problem - the remains are gone. Where did they go? Davoren knew the only thing he could do is to try and "fake out" Balcomb and make him believe he has the pictures. Balcomb then agreed to drop the charges.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of problems for Davoren. It is only the beginning. Kirk Pettyjohn, who is on drugs, comes after Davoren. Since Davoren is an ex-boxer, Pettyjohn is no competition for him and he ends up dead. Davoren knew he could not report the death because he would be the main suspect. Once again, he calls for Madbird's help to hide the body.

Right now Davoren's main objective is to find out why the horses were killed because there had to be more to the story. To make matters more interesting, Laurie Balcomb insists on meeting with him. She tells Davoren that she is fearful of her spouse. Can Davoren trust her? Is she telling him the truth or working on behalf of her husband?

Will Davoren be able to find out what was behind the slaughter of the horses?

The author has written a thriller that will hook the reader from the very first page. Neil McMahon does an excellent job of creating the atmosphere for this novel and the reader will feel like they are part of it. The characters are well drawn and you can picture them in your mind. This book reminds me of one of those great western novels and includes all the unique characters it takes to make one successful. Be sure to add this one to your reading list. You will find it a very entertaining read.



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