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Can We Control Our Destiny?

Andrea and Diana were best friends. One evening they were out to dinner together at The Spanish Main Inn. This was a place where Diana’s mother often brought her to celebrate birthdays, etc. Andrea was busy talking to a couple of gentlemen. Diana was getting ready to pay for their drinks but the waiter indicated that someone had already paid for them. Diana soon noticed a gentleman with a smiling face. She wanted to refuse the drinks but knew her grandmother would say this gentleman had “character”. She knew this gentleman would offer kindness and generosity. His name was Stefan and he was a pilot and navigator.

Diana started to open up to Stefan and in doing so told him about many of her frustrations. Stefan said something that really made sense to Diana. He said, “We choose anew each moment and the choices we make determine who we are and how happy we will be. And by making the same choices over and over, our lives appear to have continuity. But if with time our choices change, then we change.” He continued to make more statements that sounded so right. Who was this man?

Andrea talked Diana into signing up to join a gym. A personal trainer, Jon, did not work with too many clients. He really chose the ones he wanted to work with if he felt he could help them. He chose to work with Diana. Diana soon discovered that there was an air of mystery about this man. She was attracted to him. She tried to pay attention to what her trainer was teaching her about life even though she would drift away at times thinking about his good looks.

Diana had so many problems including a lack of self-confidence. She was sexually harassed by her boss and allowed it to carry on for a period of time. Finally, one day, she slapped him.

Throughout all of the difficult times, Jon worked with her, not only as a personal trainer, but also as her teacher. He knew she needed help and this was his goal. When Diana asked Jon how he began teaching he said “When the student is ready, the teacher appears, but it also works in reverse: when the teacher is ready, the student appears”. The readers will see how important this statement is as they continue to read this book through the conclusion.

One evening, Diana was in the parking lot and was confronted by a man. He forced her into the car and told her he had been following her for some time. He also had a gun. He wanted to get even for an accident they were involved in a while ago. Jon saved her. He was aware that the suspicious man had been following Diana.

Diana was hoping for something more in the relationship she had with Jon. They would go for coffee, dinners or to the beach but nothing more intimate. Jon informed Diana that he had to leave. Jon told Diana that she had studied hard and gained her true identity and that she was now a teacher also. Diana did not know where to begin so Jon told her to be the best example of what she has learned. Diana did not know whom to teach. Jon advised her to start with Andrea because he thought she was tired of hurting. Diana also met up with Stefan again at the old inn. She thanked Stefan for his words of wisdom and knew that she could now see herself ReBecoming.

The author gives you plenty to think about in this book. After reading J. R. Maxon’s book, you will believe that we can have control over our future. Just think about it. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I had done it this way” or “If only I decided to do this”, etc. As the author states, our thoughts play a major role in deciding our future.

J.R. Maxon does an excellent job in creating his characters. His descriptions are clear and concise and the reader will be able to visualize the person in their mind. Jon comes across as being a bit mysterious but very strong. Diana, with all her problems, adds much humor to the story. Andrea helps to keep it all together for Diana by trying to give her advice and she also is very funny at times.

Each chapter has a title with a short statement that will give the reader a hint as to what this section is all about.

Several definitions are included at the end of this book, which help to summarize the important points. This book is a spiritual odyssey and teaches the reader how they can control their future. The author writes in a manner that is easy for the reader to understand. This is not a book where you need a dictionary to understand a number of technical terms. As you read this book, you will find yourself saying, “That is so true and really makes sense.”

Once I started reading this book, I found it difficult to put down. It is interesting, entertaining and funny. Most of all, I found it to be a magical source for anyone trying to add some control to the destiny of their life. I can’t really explain it, but when I came to the conclusion of this book, I knew I had just experienced something wonderful. I would recommend this book to anyone; especially those that want to make a difference in the future.



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