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Daniel Martin grew up in a very abusive atmosphere out of which most people would be unable to climb. Daniel tells of his life and the many struggles he had during his early life and his battle to find a stable platform, whether it be religion, alcohol, drugs, sex, or one of many other negatives in order to reach a normal life, whatever that might be.

He had many dreams in his early life, most of which were generally good dreams that left Daniel questioning what they meant for him in his present life or in his future, if anything. Daniel was angry, bitter, and scared that a Christian God would burn many because they didn’t believe in Daniel’s world of thievery, unlimited drugs, alcohol, and sex. In the beginning he would not “shoot” himself with drugs but eventually he was led to doing that along with anything that would give him, in his thoughts, a better life.

As Daniel lived on the streets as a homeless man, he performed so many disgusting things to himself and others, that friends were hard to keep from day to day. He used them as a drug. He stole from establishments and humans not caring who he hurt. Afterwards he sometimes would feel bad for what he had done but he needed things for his lifestyle. These actions placed him in jail or prison from time to time only to get out and start the same things over again.

Being a homeless junkie Daniel realized this was not the life he wanted so several times he started in some programs to assist in fighting his habits only to go back to his abusive living again. He would work at a job, even got married for a short time, thinking he had found the “right” person for his life. All the time Daniel was fighting his demons of organized religion as opposed to his own thoughts that differed from most every religion. In and out of rehab became a life. Eventually Daniel found the true woman for him and they married and he went into the plumbing business. He had worked for contractors previously so knew the basics. Daniel and his wife were not Christians but they thought they believed in some religion, just not certain which. They tried attending churches of different faiths but received no personal satisfaction.

Then Daniel takes the book in a direction where he gives the reader history lessons about past civilizations, past religions, leaders that formed their own followings and followers, and, in general a long tirade of his thoughts why he and the world didn’t agree much on life and followings. He did listen and read about religious fanatics, atheists, conquerors, and others that, through history, helped or harmed civilization with their thoughts and actions. I sort of got lost in what Daniel was trying to tell me. I am a very spiritual and religious person but not a fanatic. I agreed with Daniel in his thoughts of loving everyone in the world for the good they have inside.

Daniel then takes us to his life of today and how he lives with his wife and children. His spirituality and progressive life is one he has formed by and for himself. He believes in God as The Creator but not Christianity as such. He seems to be very happy with his life especially when he goes back in memory to his days gone by. I feel that Daniel enjoyed those days with what he learned but certainly not for his way of living. The way he lives today helping others along their path of life is to be commended. He knows that while he made mistakes he feels he has done much to help those around him today. Thanks Daniel Martin for your story.



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