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We hope you enjoy this book review by Patricia Reid.

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Stuart Gorman returns from a weekend trip to his cabin to find that his wife has drowned in the hot tub. Stuart called the police and the investigation was begun. They always say that the husband is the first one to view as a suspect and in this case that became true immediately. Inspector Devin Juhle feels he has his man and is not too willing to look for other suspects.

Stuart's wife Caryn was the big money maker in the family. She was a renowned doctor and had recently developed a new procedure for hip replacement which was expected to bring in millions if nothing upset the apple cart. Stuart has had considerable success as a writer but where Caryn's main emphasis was making money Stuart wasn't that concerned with the material things of life.

Stuart and Caryn had grown apart in the years since their daughter Kymberly was born. Kym was a difficult child and suffered from bi-polar disorder. Kym avoided her medication most of the time so was either on a very manic high or a very depressed low. Stuart tried to cope with the situation but Caryn and Kym were constantly at each other's throats. Stuart hoped now that Kym had gone off to college things at home would level off but the Friday before he left for the weekend Caryn announced she wanted a divorce.

The fact that Stuart was off alone, his wife wanted a divorce, Stuart was set to inherit a lot of money all added to the Juhle's strong conviction that Stuart was the murder.

Gina Roake is an attorney who has been taking some time off from the law to write a book and recover from the death of her partner and lover. Now Gina is ready to get back into the practice of law and when a friend of hers suggest that Stuart Gorman contact Gina to act as his attorney Gina jumps at the opportunity. A big plus is the fact that Gina sincerely believes Stuart did not kill his wife in spite of some evidence that pops up that is not in Stuart's favor.

Gina gets Wyatt Hunt to help investigate Stuart's background as well as the background of other people of interest in Caryn's life. When Gina feels that she is up against the wall and odds are against her she takes a daring risk to prove that her client is innocent.

The book is well written and I loved the characters. The reader also gains a few lessons in criminal procedure. Hopefully, I will never need to hire a criminal lawyer but if I did I think I would most certainly want to find someone like Gina Roake.



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