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John Lescroart has taken the art of legal thrillers to a new high. John's characters are by far the best in the industry. I have the feeling that I am right there sitting in the corner watching the whole drama unfold. Dismas and Abe are like old friends I have known my whole life and cannot wait to get carried away in the best thriller of the year. The story unfolds as a run away fright train and never slows down it only picks up speed as you are drawn into one of the greatest legal thrillers I have ever read. It is the fact that it is all so real and could be anyone of us in the midst of this gut-wrenching novel. The twist and turns are never ending and the facts are right before your eyes. I had to read it twice just to make sure I had not missed anything because it was pulling me along so fast I could not put it down to even take a breath. It is very rare to find a book that is so great that it transports you to a different world in time and space and takes you away from all the troubles of the world. We need that today to be able to go someplace that is so great we could care less what is happing at the stock market. This is that book. It is so real I wonder if I am the next victim that all of this could happen to. What I really love about almost all the new novels today is that they are not just fiction. Alot of the things that happen in the books is real and that only makes it so much greater to see what could really happen to you in the real world.

Today with every cent we spend we look at what we are buying and wonder if we really need it. People you need this book to take you away form it all and let your mind go on one of the best rides of your life. We may not be able to buy every book we want but this one has to be at the top of your list for summer reading. A must buy for all thriller readers and collectors - this is a huge keeper. Also do yourself a huge favor and get out and meet Mr. Lescroart if he happens to be doing a book signing in your area and check all his news at his web site It will surely keep you busy for many an hour learning about this huge bestselling author. Watch for this book to be in the top 10 of the Times list as soon as it hits the stores and be the first in line to get it. It will be the best time of your summer and the best money you have spent.

As I finish this up I know that I am going right back for the 3rd time. I know I have missed something because it kept me going at such a pace there are things I should have seen, but I cannot tell you what they are - that you will have to find out yourself. This book is sure to be one of the top award winners of the year. Do Not Miss It.



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