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Hank Fisher can never say his life is dull. After all, there is the time when he was assaulted in court. Then there is his mother who is pressuring him to get married. She was starting to wonder if he was gay.

Hankís boss is known as Big Mac. Hank served as his law clerk and three years later became his associate. Hank always considered himself Macís student. He always felt like there was something to learn from Mac.

Mac informed Hank that their new client is Senator Victoria Serling. She sent a limo to pick up Hank and Mac, along with an unmarked envelope. This type of thing always got Macís attention. The Senator wanted to see Mac because she felt someone was framing her. The interesting thing is Senator Serling is on a short list to become Director of the CIA. As the senator was explaining why she asked them to meet her, a car came out of nowhere and headed right for the senator hitting her and Mac. Without thinking, Hank jumped into the limo to pursue the driver but ended up crashing the car and was taken to the hospital. The senator was unconscious and Mac had to undergo surgery. He did not survive. Hank escaped with a concussion. He must now handle the case by himself.

Detective Mills believes there is a connection between the hit and run and the Senatorís involvement in the Select Committee on Terrorism. One of the activities of this committee is tracking the proliferation of biowarfare agents. This means they will have to examine her affairs and will eventually find out about a tax violation. The media just canít wait to find out what is going on!

As Hank continues with this case, he discovers that he was not told the whole story about Vicky because she unknowingly received an illegal contribution PEACE. What else wasnít he told?

Is Hank successful at finding out the truth?

This book contains all the ingredients needed to make it a thriller Ė a senator who receives an illegal contribution and something even more intriguing - germ warfare. Then we have Hank who is determined to protect his client - but more importantly - by being involved in this case, he knows he can help find out who was responsible for Macís death.

One thing, in my opinion, that makes a good book stand out from the others, is descriptive writing. Mike Langan has done an outstanding job as he paints a picture for the readers. His descriptions, from what the person is wearing to a particular scene, really create an image for the reader. As a result, he does an awesome job of creating the atmosphere for the story that is about to follow. In fact, I feel Mike Langan is one of the best in this area.

What I enjoyed most about this book is that the reader will feel like they personally know Hank. You will always know what he is thinking because he comes across as a straightforward, honest person who is able to laugh at himself at times. Credit for this has to be given to the authorís writing style because he is able to bring these points to the attention of the reader.

Ready for the Defense is fast paced and has short chapters that will make one want to continue reading late into the night. Characters are well developed with a storyline and dialogue that draws the reader into the novel and keeps them there right to the very end.

The author has been a lawyer and the reader will feel his background and expertise come through as they keep turning the pages of this well-written novel.

Another point I would like to make is I loved the size of the print for this book. It is a little larger than the normal size one usually finds in books and this makes it very easy on your eyes.

I hope there will be more Hank Fisher books in the future. Ready for the Defense is an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable read and I look forward to more books by this very talented writer.



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