Tracy Potter's husband was killed in an accident.  After his death, Tracy was in for a big surprise.  She learned that many of the things involved in their marriage such as wealth and vows were a perfect lie.

David Sylvester, her husband's accountant, informed Tracy about the debt.  He informed her that there was no easy way to say it other then the fact that she was broke.  He told Tracy that there was probably enough in their joint checking account to pay expenses for the next six months.  That's if she was lucky!

Her husband had refinanced the Canyon Club house to the limit.  There was no equity left.  Their credit cards had been maxed out.  Another big problem was Chelsea, her husband's daughter by a previous marriage.  She was now a freshman at the University of Southern California.  What would happen now with her large tuition bill?  David advises Tracy to sell the house before the bank foreclosed on it. 

David did give Tracy some good news.  The one thing the IRS could not touch was the inheritance she received from her grandparents.  It wasn't that much but would be of some help.  In addition, there was the old hotel on the coast road.  Her husband placed the title in their young son's name with Tracy as a trustee.  Tracy was shocked because their son was only nine.

Tracy made the decision to use her grandparent's inheritance to start renovations on the Heartbreak Hotel, which had six guest rooms. 

Out of nowhere enters a mysterious character named Wade McAllister.  One day while riding his Harley he said to himself "make up your mind - if you are doing to do it, get it over with".  He had a gun in his saddlebag.  Was he going to commit suicide?  Was he hiding from something?  He kept thinking about the twelve women who were murdered.  They were lovely young women who died violent deaths. 

Who is Wade McAllister?  Did he murder these women?  Along his path, Wade discovers the Heartbreak Hotel.  He knew the hotel looked like a good place for him to hide from the world.  Wade was very attracted to Tracy and also bonded with her son.  By the time Tracy discovers Wade's true identity there is much more at stake. 

This is a great book loaded with suspense.  It takes hold of you from page one and just doesn't let go.  All the while you are reading it, you keep wondering if Wade played a role in the murder of these women.  The author does an excellent job in creating the characters.  You will not want to stop reading this book once you start.  It is highly recommended.


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