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We hope you enjoy this book review by Nancy Eaton.

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Hannah's parents just don't seem to have time for their 15-year-old daughter. Her father is a politician. Hannah lives with her grandmother in "The Colony" where some of the wealthiest D.C. families live.

She had a life that would make some teens happy. Whatever she wanted, she would get. She could stay out late and date whomever she wanted. However, she didn't take advantage of all of this.

Her father, a former senator, is the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Carol, her mother, did the job of keeping her husband's social calendar and for the past year she worked at the embassy serving as a liaison between Swedish bankers and politicians. There was also talk that her mother was going to run for the senate seat in Virginia.

Hannah found out that her parents would not be coming home for Christmas. At least when they came home before, Hannah convinced herself that they cared enough. This year, her mother informed her that their social calendar was full and they would be spending Christmas in Sweden.

Hanna's friend, Kathryn, made a comment to her earlier in the day and stated she wished she knew what Hannah was running from. Hannah knew she was running from a lot of things like the empty mansion in which she lived, her grandmother's unsmiling face, quiet dinners, and childhood. Now to top the list, she is running from Christmas.

Hannah found out about her parents not coming home through an e-mail her mother sent. Hannah quickly answered the e-mail by stating, "How completely understandable that my parents would rather spend Christmas in Sweden than with me. Love you too!" Carol couldn't understand this attitude from Hannah. She knew there was someone else who could spend Christmas with Hannah. She figured maybe it was time to tell Hannah about Mike Conner. Mike Conner was Hannah's biological father. Carol wanted to wait until Hannah was eighteen but decided to do it now.

Hannah received her mother's package from Sweden. Carol began by informing Hannah that Jack was not her biological father. Hannah enlisted the help of congressman James McKenna to help her find her father. The congressman had a connection to a country music channel. They were running messages to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would be Hannah's way of getting word out to her father that she was looking for him.

Is Hannah successful at finding her real father?

This is one of those good, old fashioned, heartwarming stories that we all love to read. This book is fast paced and you can easily read it in one sitting. This is a great book to read for the holidays because it gives us the true meaning of a Christmas miracle. The author does an excellent job of making us feel Hannah's pain as she searches to find someone in her life to care about her. This book is highly recommended.



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