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I did not know what to expect when this book was sent to me for review. I am not normally a romance type novel reader but this book has a bit of everything along with lots of romance. The author spins a love tale that has it serious times and many humorous ones too.

Alcee Jules Baptiste (A J) wanted Victoria Bennett as his wife and he was not going to give up that quest. The problem is that Vic (Victoria) was just getting over her divorce from a man that she found with another man and had sworn to hate all men, never to marry again or date again. Needless to say Vic was BITTER! Vic’s friends all tried to find out why she wouldn’t go out with A J but her mind was made up and she fought any connection with him no matter what! Under threat of “murdering that man” she resisted all his attempts to get anywhere near her. But that didn’t stop A J from still wanting her as his wife.

While driving with her mind on other matters, especially the thought of her former husband, Vic was stopped at a traffic light and allowed her mind to wander. Before she realized it, another car plowed into her car, pushing her into a human. She jumped out of the car and discovered it was A J she had hit because of this car slamming into her car. This would make anyone’s mind rethink what they had formerly said and she wished her harsh words about A J had never been uttered.

Zach, A J’s brother-in-law and detective, along with many members of A J’s family gathered at the hospital. Zach approached Vic and told her he knew it wasn’t her fault but rather another vehicle that had caused the entire situation and had been involved in another bad accident nearby with bad injuries. Vic felt so bad but still was leery of getting close to another man. No way. As time went on Vic did get closer to A J possibly because she was partly responsible for his injuries. A J still had a long road to ramble down to get Vic interested in him in the way he wished.

When A J was released from the hospital, Vic had changed her mind on a lot of things. She had been very close to him while he was in the hospital and now she accompanied him home to his house where she laid down the law telling him she would stay there and be in charge while he was incapacitated. So much for not wanting to be interested in another man forever! She enjoyed A J’s two children too, having to mostly be mother and father for them. They loved Vic and she loved them.

As time went on Vic thought it time to get back to her own life, but she wasn’t as rock solid now about not liking A J. A hospital run-in with her ex-husband caused her to think of her marriage and what Ron did to her. It wasn’t easy to confront him but she did face the fact that it would be better for them if she were civilized around him.

You can see how this story is going but it does have more surprises with all of the above involved and more. It is a fast romance story mixed with law-breakers, doctors, police, and the many family members of both families that butted in sometimes when not wanted.



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