Justice Denied by J.A. Jance Book Review Number 2



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Good news if youíre fans of JA. Janceís cop J.P. Beaumont (Beau), or if you love suspenseful mysteries that keep you reading until late into the night. Beau is back in Justice Denied, freshly released in paperback, for your reading pleasure. Ross Connors, the Attorney General of Seattle. Washington, assigns Beau to a case involving the murder of LaShawn Tompkins, pulling Beau away from his usual duties as a member of the SHIT (Special Homicide Investigation Team) squad), which Connors created. His live-in girlfriend and fellow SHIT squad member, Melissa (Mel) Soames, has also been asked by Connors to work on a project of his, to resolve cases of convicted and released sexual predators who have joined the lists of missing persons, and who have wound up dead.

Could their cases be related? As they both interview witnesses and uncover more details and clues, Beau and Mel come to the conclusion that they are related, and that one or more vigilante-style serial killers are on the loose. They also have been told by Connors that everything they uncover must be kept hush-hush, because he suspects that there is a leak somewhere in the police department, so they are forced to become their own task force, enlisting the aid of a few friends, such as Beauís attorney Ralph Ames; a forensic economist working for Connors, Todd Hatcher; and a friend of Beaumontís who worked at the Seattle PD with him, Detective Kendall Jackson.

At the same time, Beau is investigating a cold case missing persons case for the attorney general of Anthony Cosgrove, a man who had gone fishing twenty years ago at Spirit Lake and who disappeared without a trace when Mt. Saint Helenís exploded. Did he really die in the explosion, though, or was he possibly murdered for being a whistle-blower at his job, or did he possibly just choose to disappear for some other reason?

Mel, a board member of SASAC - the Seattle Area Sexual Assault Consortium - ropes Beau into attending a fund-raising event where heís surrounded by women whom have either suffered abuse themselves or are friends of others who have been abused. He, as one of the only men there, feels uncomfortable, and wonders about why Mel became a member of the group, though he believes the past is the past, and hasnít pressured her to reveal any details about her life before she met him. But, some of the missing and dead sexual predators are linked to crimes committed against members of SASAC, and itís hard for Beau not to make connections and wonder if somebody who is a member of SASAC might be the killer.

Another intriguing thing is that eyewitnesses have reported seeing a nun near the scenes of some of the mysterious deaths, including LaShawn Tompkinís, and he had turned his life around, working for a mission and helping his elderly grandmother, who raised him, fix up her house with a wrongful conviction settlement of $250,000 heíd received. Could the serial killer be a nun who had been either the victim of a sexual abuser or the friend of a victim?

Justice Denied is a riveting and suspenseful book that will have you on the edge of your seat and turning pages late into the night. Is justice delayed, as the saying goes, really justice denied? Or, can a certain measure of justice be obtained by taking matters into your own hands, when the court system either fail you or doesnít punish sexual offenders harshly enough for their crimes? Read the highly entertaining Justice Denied to find out!



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