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Lisa Jackson can sure write suspense as well or better than most writers. Her stories don’t give you time to slow down until your eyes are beyond seeing a letter! In “Left To Die” a killer shoots out the tires of young women on desolate roads, causes them to crash, then rushes in to rescue them. The wounded driver is taken to a cabin where this killer treats the victim’s wounds and makes her think that she is being taken care off by a heroine. Sure the killer is!! After her wounds are mostly healed she is taken to a freezing desolate place in a forest, stripped naked, and tied alive to a tree with her bare skin pressed into the bark hurting her all the more and left to die. What sicko could do this to a human?

Grizzly Falls Montana is a small city with a small police force not used to such activity. Two detectives, Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli, worked as a team and were thrown into the action when several of these killings occurred. Other police became involved too but these two were the most involved. It was hard working such cases and trying to be a family member too, but at this time the family became secondary. The killer left clues at each crime scene composed of spaced out letters on a note and a star cut into the tree above the woman as she died. Each note had two more letters added. What was the meaning of these letters and the stars?

Jillian Rivers received photos from an unknown source showing a man that appeared to be her first husband, a man that was supposed to be dead. Couldn’t be—or could it? When Jillian was driving to find out more information about her ex-husband, on a narrow mountain road, she had her tire shot out causing her car to go over the side of the mountain and crash into a tree. Jillian was trapped in the wreckage, and, being aware of the recent killings she hoped she was not another victim. She sensed someone moving around her wreck but she didn’t know if it was her imagination or someone real. She began to worry all the more but soon became very unresponsive and didn’t know what occurred next.

When Jillian awoke in a bed with a very sore almost unmovable body and a crutch near the bed, she really became scared. Eventually a man appeared telling Jillian that he was Zane MacGregor and had brought her to his cabin to heal. Unable to move Jillian had to trust this man but she had to be very careful. After several days she was able to get up by herself, wobble around with the crutch, and start to investigate the house and this man that was her savior.

The bodies were still being found but now the car was missing from the past girl. The detectives were going almost non-stop to find this demon killer before more were killed. They knew Jillian was missing since they had found her wrecked car but no sign of Jillian. Please don’t let her be the next victim.

When you think you have figured out who was the murderer and what their purpose was you would be wrong. There are more twists and turns in this book than in a “tunnel of love!” The best part is that Lisa Jackson doesn’t completely give up all the villains in this book but builds another book she is writing to pick up where this one left off. “Chosen To Die” comes out in August 2009 and it picks up where “Left To die” leaves off. Don’t miss it. Thanks Lisa.



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