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This author who has co-written several books with James Patterson has, in my opinion, become a better writer than Patterson. This newest book of Andrewís is a page-turner that I really hated to put down. Ty Hauck, a Lieutenant in the Hartford, Connecticut Police Force, returns in this action packed and twisting story. His daughter, Jessie, who Hauck saw occasionally since his divorce, was with him when they went inside a convenience store to pick up some snacks. As they were in the line to checkout bullets started coming from outside the store breaking the glass windows, everything in the store, and also hit some of the customers as they dove for shelter. It was a bloody mess that left one man dead who turned out to be a federal prosecutor. Hauck did all he could to help others but his daughter came first. She had Hauck had slight wounds.

This started a huge case that involved local, district, state, and federal law enforcement and crime figures from all these areas too. The involvement got so deep and personal for Hauck that he didnít know who to trust even on his own police force. His brother, Warren, with whom he had not been connected with for some years, also got into the act. The action description of the above scene will get your heart beating fast; Grossís writing is that good. Hauck had a good view of the shooter and the truck he shot from but nothing showed up in the files. The owner of the store had not seen much but he was as helpful as possible with the customers and the police.

When a connection seemed apparent to several other deaths in the region, the hunt expanded and deepened. The casino on the Indian land and its employees and management seemed too connected but Tyís boss warned him off saying it would be too dangerous to get into the casino operations and all the people involved with it. Ty would not take that for an answer and placed himself in harms way, as usual. When the federal prosecutor was suspected of taking money from the casino, his wife became even more upset because she knew her husband and knew he could not be involved in such schemes.

Many in the area that came forward with information of events during or after the shoot-up was either threatened or disappeared. Despite Hauckís warnings not to dig too deep in this case, he was not the kind of man that could not do the work he was capable of and he dug and got deeper in the case and deeper in danger. Annie, a restaurant owner that was harassed by seemingly the same area troublemakers, became friendly with Hauck over time. She was another person that the police had to try to protect.

I think I have given you enough about this tremendous story that you feel you MUST go out and purchase it. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Andrew Gross, please keep these stories coming. You have a talent that many well known long experienced authors do not have.



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