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Everything is a “system” according to young Annabelle, her current name, who lived a family life but never knowing where or how that “system” might turn out. Her father tells Annabelle, that she has very little time to gather up any two of her possessions immediately and leave in their automobile for parts unknown. She was devastated as she had so many possessions that meant so much to her, making it almost impossible to select only two items!

They took off for Tampa and changed their names as they adjusted to another way of living and new friends, but don’t ever make too many friends since we “might have to leave again.” Annabelle, or whatever name she would use next, did not understand why they had to move so often and so quickly. Every time she was just told to gather her choice of two things and then get in the car and off they would go. No way to make friends long enough to call them good friends. But unknown to her father Annabelle did make one real good friend before the moving all started. Her name was Dori Petracelli.

The mother picked the names they would go by in the next town and the father would get identification containing that name for the entire family. One day she came home to find her mother face down on the couch, dead, with many prescription bottles spread around her. Once the mother was cremated, Annabelle and her father had small lockets containing some of the ashes, with the rest of the ashes thrown in the wind. Then it was time to leave again and the daughter was allowed to choose the city they would move to once again. She chose Boston, their original city that she loved so much. The locket would eventually become a part of her future life.

At age 22, her father was killed when hit by a car and she realized she was on her own finally and could make her own decisions where to live, work, and what to do with her life. One day she picked up the newspaper and discovered that she was dead. At the age of 25, she was dead but she knew she was very much alive.

Enter into the scene Boston Detective D.D. Warren and an old friend of hers, Massachusetts newest state police detective, Bobby Dodge, as they are thrown together to investigate an incident that Bobby had been associated with years before. They worked together reluctantly at first as they tracked down killers leading all the way back to a mental hospital that was now closed. Annabelle Mary Granger took herself to the Boston Police Department to prove she was alive. Thus a connection with DD and Bobby that lasted for some time as they worked together to solve Annabelle’s family’s strange living all those years and why she was reported “dead!”.

The well-flowing story goes on to follow Annabelle through the rest of her life as she learns of her past and how and why the many life changes occurred. She and DD and Bobby work together and Bobby gets to know Annabelle a bit more than he possibly should. You will not be correct if you try to guess the results of each and every turn that she endured and how it ended.

“Hide” is a real page-turner that I enjoyed thoroughly. I have enjoyed books written by Lisa Gardner and this one, in my opinion, is one of the best. The interaction between the Boston Police Department and Bobbie coming in to assist becomes strange at times but very enjoyable. I don’t feel you need any farther review to be interested in purchasing this book and getting engrossed for several days.



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