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Just think about being the most scared you have ever been, multiply it by ten, then open your eyes! That would be a good approach when starting Wild Fire. In today’s world most of us have nuclear warfare in the back of our mind but Nelson DeMille brings that subject to the forefront of our mind. Scary, yes but the possibility is there every day in our post-September 11, 2001 troublesome world. Wild Fire gives us a story of how “nuclear hell” could be started by so few, many of who think like too many think in our present day world.

John Corey is a former NYPD cop that was wounded in action and is a member of the ATTF, Anti-Terrorist Task Force. Corey is an “in your face” man that will act first and get permission afterwards when he deems it necessary. He is married to Kate Mayfield who is an FBI agent, lawyer, and a member of the ATTF. Kate is the steadier brain of the two but she can’t always control her husbands words and actions, but those actions usually prove to be correct in his rogue way.

The Custer Hill Club is an exclusive club located in upstate New York that is very secretive and keeps those secrets locked in a fenced in area that contains all the communications, power source, and weapons they thought they would need. The club has members that have very high positions in the United States government. A dear friend of John and Kate’s, Harry Muller, is sent to poke around the club to see what type of activity goes on inside that very guarded fence. Upon Harry’s arrival he is discovered and invited as a “guest” to the Custer Hill Club. Harry was seated at a table with the head of the club, Bain Madox, and found himself in the middle of a meeting of the club’s executive board composed of these highly influential men of the present administration, civilian and military.

The plans that the club has would begin worldwide devastation in a devious way one would never expect. Their plans, mostly devised by Madox, would rid the world of millions of unwanted humans, at least those they thought to be unwanted and unneeded. Since Harry Muller has been exposed to the plans devised by these monsters, he is expendable and is killed. The discovery of his body outside the grounds of the club brings the ATTF into the investigation, led by, of course, John and Kate.

The plots are many but clearly defined as the reader flies through the book. It is the same non-stop action that I have found in all of DeMille’s exciting stories, and in Wild Fire, fact and fiction intertwine. Most of us that live in today’s volatile world have a difficult time telling those facts from fiction. Just when things get too serious, Corey will say or do something that will make you smile. I do not want to spoil your enjoyment of this book so I will not reveal anything beyond what I have done above. Believe me, you will enjoy this book if you like action, suspense, and government in action-or un-action-in some cases.



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