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From the pen of Tina Czarnota comes another deliciously Inn-grossing mystery that you canít help but to Inn-joy, Deadwaiter! Why am I making puns while doing something as serious as writing a review? Because, if you are one of the few mystery lovers who havenít yet read Tinaís marvelous first book, Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast, you may not know that the author sets her novels at the Tudor Grove B&B in beautiful Florida. Besides inns and B&Bs being a fantastic place to go for a vacation or an enjoyable weekend getaway, they sometimes also are the perfect setting for foul play and murders to occur, and the Tudor Grove is no exception to this.

The joint proprietors of the Tudor Grove are back again to lend their own spice and mayhem to the plot. Thereís Mae Versay, her definitely opinionated husband Tim, and their adult son Bruce; and, of course, thereís Bruceís love and the main character of the book, the dishing and dishy model and co-owner, Trina. Thereís also her attractive niece, Kim, and police Lieutenant Joseph Klonski, who Mae seems to have a thing for, though sheís married.

The Tudor Grove is undergoing renovations and additions, such as having a new fireplace put in by Bruce and his handymen, Shorty and Lou. During the course of the renovations, Bruce and his men discover a dumbwaiter that had been walled up, with two dead bodies inside of it, creatively arranged so that one of the skeletons looks like itís reaching into the otherís jacket pocket to get something out of it. Who are the dead bodies? Who killed them, and why? Why were they put into the dumbwaiter - which Shorty (actually an undercover cop) takes to calling a "deadwaiter"? Trina and Kim, who has a crush on Lou and begins dating him, are determined to figure out the answers to these questions.

Despite the crimes that a part of the history of the Tudor Grove B&B, business seems to be brisk. But, the guests are not at all what they might seem to be on the surface - for instance, thereís Alexandra Turest (a pun on "tourist"), an ex-porn star whose husband appears to be mysteriously missing. One guest, a Mr. Klein, checks out early and pays for his bill by shoving a wad of cash into Bruceís hand, and seems curiously anxious to leave as quickly as possible. The Dantons, Randolph and Rhiannon, are friends of Bruce and Trina, but Rhiannon is acting strangely, displaying signs to Trinaís inquisitive eyes that she might be having an affair behind her wealthy historian husbandís back with Denny Whitley, a man who works for him at a musuem.

Whatís more, Veronique, a chanteuse (singer, entertainer) at a local French restaurant gets noticeably anxious and upset over the appearance of Lieutenant Klonski at the eatery. To Trina and Kim, her behavior is suspicious; but, what role, if any, could this seemingly innocuous person play in the many mysteries surrounding the Tudor Grove and the bodies in the dumbwaiter? And when yet another dead body is discovered in the innís basement by Trina, another key piece to the puzzle, how does it fit in and help clear up the mysteries of the Tudor Grove B&B?

Fortunately, you donít have to die to be a part of the Inn-crowd - just read Tina Czarnotaís latest Tudor Grove B&B page-turning mystery, Deadwaiter, and her suspenseful debut novel, Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast, from the Inn-disputed queen of B&B mysteries. Enough with the puns; if you love reading first-rate mysteries with a touch of humor and romance, then youíre sure to want to read Deadwaiter today!



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