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Nuclear terrorism is a nightmare we have never faced in the United States, nor recently has any other nation in the world to our knowledge. It is something we never want to think about since many of us throughout the world know of the devastation that nuclear weapons wrought on Japan that helped end World War Two and caused so much human suffering and ultimate physical destruction. The Silent Man gives the reader an idea of how such a devastating act would bring our world to it knees. Alex Berenson’s CIA undercover operative John Wells has been through so much dangerous cloak and dagger work throughout the world that his fiancé is never sure if he will be there for her or lie dead from some unknown killer or simply disappear. Jennifer Exley and John Wells had finally moved into a house of their own but their work as agents made their life very dangerous and also made extra security a way of life. Exley never knew if Wells would be coming back from a mission or not.

The president’s State of the Union speech was coming up shortly and a few eastern groups wanted to cause ruin to the United States during that speech if at all possible. They secretly met in small groups and made their plans to set off a nuclear device wreaking havoc in Washington if possible during the speech or another large city if Washington didn’t work out. They had to find a way to get the device first. Several workers at a well-guarded nuclear storage facility in Russia worked on getting two of the devices out of the plant and into the United States by any means possible. The plans were laid, the process started, the shipment got on its way, and some of the involved men were “done away with” so their information would not be shared. The shipment had to work perfectly with precise timing. Amidst accidents of various types, the device partially got to Canada and into the United States to a rural farm in Pennsylvania where the scientist could work on the device and makes it ready for destruction. The many spies involved made the secrecy hard to maintain.

Jennifer Exley had been involved in a deadly accident caused by some terrorists in the United States before the shipment of the nuclear devices began. Wells had to leave on his mission before he knew if his fiancé would live or die. She was in very critical condition. He was sent on the mission to find those trying to terrorize our nation as well as finding the nation or nations that were involved in this possible disaster.

A fantastic story that could occur on our earth any day by those that would stand against a nation or a cause. The results would not be pretty. None of us wants to picture the results of a nuclear blast anywhere in our world. The Silent Man is very hard to put down. The story is involved but not to the point of the reader not understanding what is going on and what and who are involved.



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