WIRED - ROBERT L. WISE

It is the year 2022.  All of a sudden, millions of people have disappeared.  Chaos soon follows with terrorist attacks, random killings and anything you can imagine. 

Graham and Jackie Peck are trying to maintain a life for themselves and their children in this dangerous environment.  Their son is away, the daughter doubts everything she is told and the two other school-age boys are too young to really know what is happening.  However, when you think about it, does anyone really know what is happening?

Graham Peck becomes uneasy when his boss teams up with world leader Hassan Jawhar Rashid.  Changes began to take place, not only in Chicago but also around the country.   
Electronic surveillance is installed everywhere.  Local police would have access to all State Department records.  Just by pushing a bottom, they could view anyone's credit card data and criminal records. 

The Pecks are welcomed into a group called the New Seekers.  Is this group really what they appear to be - loving friends?  Are they some kind of cult?  What is happening here?  Is the system preparing for an anti-Christ type leader? 

Graham and Jackie try to find the truth.  Graham's mother was killed in a random attack.  This gives them even more incentive to try and find out what is taking place -- but do they have time?

Robert L. Wise has written an exciting thriller.  When you start to read this book it makes you wonder - "what if?"  The most important thing I got after reading this book is to realize how much your faith does mean to you.  That is something that no person or thing can take away from you.  When you read this book it is almost like watching a science fiction movie.  You will feel that way from page one.  The author makes you feel like you are right there watching it on the big screen.  You will develop the pictures in your mind.  This is a good one.  You surely won't be bored!



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