One day, Emma Sweeny, discovered several letters tied together with a ribbon.  She soon realized that a navy pilot named Jack Sweeney, who was the father she never knew, wrote the letters to her mother.   These letters were discovered after her mother had died.  Jack Sweeny and Beebe were married and spent about two weeks together.  He was then shipped to the South Pacific for several months.  When Jack returned, he and Beebe married.  They had four sons.  Jack did not know that, at the time of his death, Beebe was pregnant with a daughter.  The final letter was almost a premonition that Jack was going to die.  It was addressed to "the best wife a man ever had". 

Emma Sweeney writes a foreword and an afterword to the book.  In the afterword she states that in Jack's last letter he told Beebe that "As long as I'm remembered, I'm not really dead."  Emma ends by stating "he will be remembered because he's not really dead.  Not to me, anyway.  He never was."

If you like romance or a good old-fashioned love story, this book is for you.  Jack had a corny sense of humor and it comes through in several of his letters to Beebe.  You will be touched by the letters which at times come through as almost silly but show that Jack was obviously a man in love.

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