Colleges have many societies and clubs.  This book is about the very secret Yale's Scull and Bones, which had three of their members, emerge as Presidents.  Members are sworn to secrecy for life.   Many believe the society is so rich and powerful that it influences politics.  Journalist, Alexandra Robbins, investigates the secret society through documents and interviews with many members.  She traces the origins back to 1832.  Robbins also gives us details about the secret initiation rites. 

This is a fascinating book.  Robbins' gives a detailed history of Yale's Scull and Bones in the beginning of the book, which helps to get the reader into the book.  She does an excellent job of investigative reporting while searching through the many myths and legends.  You will find this book very insightful.  After you finish reading this book, you will know much more than you knew before about the happenings at the secret society of Scull and Bones.  Reading this book is well worth your time!

Nancy Eaton

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