Daphne Mathews is a Seattle Police forensic psychologist, who also volunteers as a teenage runaway counselor.  She is trying to deal with the memory of a teenage runaway who committed suicide a year ago.  When a woman's body is found underneath the Aurora Bridge, Daphne is the first to arrive.  The body is identified as Mary-Ann.  Mary-Ann's brother is blaming the death on the abusive boyfriend.  However, the boyfriend states that he is innocent.  Matthews now has help she does not really want.  Mary-Ann's brother is developing a "strange" interest in Daphne.  Now the stalking begins - phone calls, noises outside the house and shadows that move in the night.  Is this person trying to help or harm her?  Matthews' life will now depend on her skills and deception. 

This book is a real psychological thriller and page-turner.  It is a complex mystery with a great cast of characters.  This has to be one of Ridley Pearson's best books, if not
the best.   


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